New ROC filing forms launching on MCA21 V3 soon

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An important for companies and LLPs as MCA is launching a new version of its portal soon. It is expected that the new MCA Portal will be launched soon. Now, the MCA has also updated New ROC Filing forms launching on MCA21 V3 soon. This article will give you important information about MCA21 V3 and the latest update from MCA.

What is the MCA V3  Portal?

The MCA is now working to upgrade the current gateway or website from Version 2 to Version 3. This is an improved version of the V2 site that is only currently available to companies with LLP Registration.

The V3 portal has currently the following options for LLP’s

The above services on MCA’s V3 portal were launched on 8th March 2022.

Do you need to search for a new MCA V3 Portal?

No, you can see access to both versions in the Sign in / Sign up section of the MCA site at, where separate accessibility is offered for LLP and separate access is offered for filings relating to companies.

Latest Update: ROC filing forms launching on MCA21 V3 soon

The latest update on MCA’s official website mentions that the first set of Company forms will be launched on the MCA21 V3 portal. These ROC Filing forms will be launched on MCA 21 portal on 31st August, 2022 at 12:00 AM. 

The list of forms that will be launched on MCA21 V3 are as follows:

  • DIR3-KYC Web,
  • DIR3-KYC E-Form,
  • DPT-3,
  • DPT-4,
  • CHG-1,
  • CHG-4,
  • CHG-6,
  • CHG-8 & CHG-9.

Points to keep in mind as New ROC filing forms launching on MCA21 V3 soon

  • For the aforementioned 9 forms, company e-Filings on the V2 portal will be blocked as of August 15, 2022, at 12:00 AM. All relevant stakeholders are urged to check that no SRNs (service request numbers) are in the awaiting payment or resubmission stage.
  • Beginning at 12:00 AM on August 7th, 2022, the above 9 forms in V2 will no longer accept payments made offline utilizing the Pay Later option.
  • As a result, stakeholders must use online payment methods (Credit/Debit Card and Net Banking) to pay for these forms in V2.

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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is introducing the new MCA Portal in an effort to better serve taxpayers and companies.  The latest version will be using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide best features and facilitate the process of various tasks.

MCA Increased additional fees on Forms for late filing

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