Organic Products Export Increases to Record $1.4 Billion

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The Organic Products Export Increases grew by 1.04 billion dollars amidst the ongoing situation. Since 2016 the exports have been constantly increasing by 25 percent but last year there was a decline of 9% in the exports of the organic products due to the pandemic to $ 689 million.

From 2002- 2003, there has been steady growth in the export of organic products and an increase in the export rate after the decline of exports in 2019 shows positive growth in the export of secluded products.

Products like fruit pulp, sugar, puree, cereals, millets, oilseeds, and oil meals are the main products of export and the major and demanding markets of export of the Indian organic products are the US and European Union; the products are also shipped to other countries like UK and Switzerland.

The green revolution and the ideal climate of India have paved the way for the development of exports by providing favorable conditions. Exports are taken care of while keeping the ecosystem sustainable and not damaging the soil.

Several categories have been added like seaweed, aquatic plants, and more to ease the export system. And the APEDA has empowered the state government organizations to certify bodies after Organic Products Export Increases.

About APEDA Registration

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, its main objective is to promote Secluded products export by providing information, financial assistance and guidelines for the development and improvement of the secluded products. The APEDA was established by the Indian government under the act passed by the parliaments in 1985.

The main function of Apeda Registration is the promotion of export-oriented production and the development of secluded products. Other functions are setting standards and specifications, registration of exporters, improving packaging and marketing, carrying out inspection, collection of statistics and development of industries related to the secluded products.

Scheduled Products Under APEDA

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