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All exporters of spices, whether they be producers or merchants, are required by law to register with the Spice Board and get an official registration certificate. In addition, the incorporation certificate is required to complete import/export procedures in accordance with the Spices Board Act of 1986. Whoever engages in the exporting of spices without having Spice Board Registration Certificate is subject to arrest and imprisonment for up to one year. Understand all about the Spice Board Registration for Export through this article.

What is a Spice Board?

When it comes to exporting Indian spices, the Spice board is the one in charge of ensuring their success. It is a part of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Since its inception, the Spices Board has acted as a go-between for international retailers and wholesalers of Indian spices. The primary responsibility of the Spices Board (also referred to as the masala board) Council is to develop and promote India’s export business, particularly for spices and items related with spices.

What is Spice Board Registration?

Exporters of Indian spices, including manufacturers and merchants, must register with the Spice Board, which has to provide its consent for exports of 52 “scheduled spices” to take place.

List Of Spices for which Spice Board Registration for Export is mandatory!
1. Cardamom 27. Pepper Long
2. Pepper 28. Star Anise
3. Chilli 29. Sweet flag
4. Ginger 30. Greater Galanga
5. Turmeric 31. Horse Radish
6. Coriander 32. Caper
7. Cumin 33. Clove
8. Fennel 34. Asafoetida
9. Fenugreek 35. Camboge
10. Celery 36. Hyssop
11. Aniseed 37. Juniper berry
12. Ajowan 38. Bay Leaf
13. Caraway 39. Lovage
14. Dill 40. Marjoram
15. Cinnamon 41. Nutmeg
16. Cassia 42. Mace
17. Garlic 43. Basil
18. Curry leaf 44. Poppyseed
19. Kokam 45. Allspice
20. Mint 46. Rosemary
21. Mustard 47. Sage
22. Parsley 48. Savory
23. Pomegranate 49. Thyme
24. Saffron 50. Oregano
25. Vanilla 51. Tarragon
26. Tejpat 52. Tamarind

Know more about it at: List of Spices Mentioned in the Spice Board Act.

Document Requirement for Spice Board Registration

As Spice Business opportunity in India is significant, multiple people apply for Spice Board Registration. However, due to incorrect paperwork preparation, most of the exporters are unable to get it. Hence, you can get guidance from our experts  at: 8881-069-069 to understand the preparation procedure for documents required for Spice Board Registration. The basic list of documents that you will need to provide to get Spice Board Registration are as follows:

  • Import-Export Code (IE code) Certificate.
  • Detailed Bank report against current account from your banker.
  • Udyam Registration/MSME Certificate.
  • Scanned passport size photo (size 135PX x 165PX) of the CEO/Authorized person of the organization (JPEG/JPG/PNG).
  • Partnership Deed / Company’s Certificate of Incorporation, MOA & AOA.
  • GST registration certificate or Self declaration for not having GST.
  • PAN card.

If you want to understand about Spice Business in India in more detail, you can understand about it at: How to Start a Spice Business in India.

Stepwise Procedure to apply for Spice Board Registration for Export

Online Application Procedure

The initial need for getting a Spices Board Certificate is registering with the government website. Initiate the process of logging into the Spice board. Your IEC, phone number, and email address will be needed for this. Once an applicant’s phone number and email address have been confirmed, they will be asked to complete an online application.

Documents Submission

After logging onto the spice board, applicants must fill up the relevant forms. The Spices Board only grants CRES if they are in compliance with the requirements outlined in the IEC, so be sure to fill it out thoroughly. If you finish the first section of the application process, you’ll get a unique application number that you may use for future reference. The applicant now has to log in to the online system using the provided application number. Besides the photo, the candidate must now provide any required documents in the relevant file formats.

Pay the Government Fees

Once the necessary documents have been uploaded, payment for government fees can be made. After a form has been submitted for payment, it cannot be changed in any manner.

Verification Stage

Once the payment has been processed, your application will be sent to the appropriate Spice Board regional office for evaluation. In the event of a discrepancy, the application would be rolled back and you will have to either reply or re-apply to Spice Board.

Download the Certificate

Once your application is verified, Certificate of Registration as Exporter of Spices(CRES) will be available in your dashboard and you can download it.

Benefits of Spice Board Registration

  • Spice Board helps you in building a network of communication between exporters and importers.
  • In order to meet the needs of importers, it is necessary to locate reliable sources of supply that they can easily locate using the assistance from Spice Board.
  • Provides Participation Opportunities in important international exhibitions, meetings, conferences, etc., to provide a meeting ground for Indian exporters and overseas buyers.
  • Spice Board offers group contact programs to the registered businesses which facilitates the communication between international organizations, exporters, and policymakers.
  • Spice Board Registration increases the world’s awareness of your products at International Food Fairs through the organization of food festivals and the presentation of culinary demos.

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In conclusion, when the Spice Board Registration application is complete, the applicant will receive a Spice Board Registration Certificate authorizing them to engage in the business of exporting spices and will be eligible to avail several other benefits to make their venture successful.

Spice Board Registration for Exporters

If you want any other guidance relating to the Spice Board RegistrationAD Code RegistrationImport Export Code, FIEO RegistrationGST Registrationplease feel free to talk to our business advisors at 8881-069-069.

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