Sweets Shops in Kashmir was Awarded Hygiene Rating Certificate by FSSAI

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Hygiene Rating is very important for food businesses as well as consumers, the former gets the certificate based on quality and standards of hygiene whereas, the latter gets a good choice for dining. Recently, Sweets Shops in Kashmir was awarded Hygiene Rating Certificate, and the inspection was done by FSSAI in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration.

Five Sweets Shops in Kashmir awarded Hygiene Rating Certificate by FSSAI, one got a Good Compliance Rating (M/s New Mughal Darbar). And the remaining got Excellent Compliance Rating and they are; M/s Taj Bakers, M/s Shakti Sweets, AAR GEE Sweets, and M/s New Janta Bakery.

Hygiene Rating Certificate given to Kashmir sweets shops is just the beginning and still, 30 food businesses are pipelined of which 20 are meat shops. These data were revealed by the commissioner of the FDA. He also states that the department is seeking more FBO to get registered under Hygiene Rating Scheme and this will be driven across all the districts of Kashmir with the collaboration of FSSAI.

Reasons to get Hygiene Rating Certificate

The prime aim of the FDA is to enhance the standard of food business that includes Cafes, Restaurants, fine diners, and other eating zones. To achieve the goal, a special plan is formulated and for the proper execution, a nodal officer is there who will monitor the program.

Hygiene Rating System

Hygiene Rating lies on a scale of 1-5, in which 5 denotes excellent compliance and 1 denotes poor compliance. This rating enables the consumers to choose the right place to have food. Moreover, this rating helps the FBO too.

In the current Financial Year, FDA is targeting 800 FBOs to get enrolled for the Food Hygiene Scheme. The aim is to eliminate foodborne diseases from restaurants, sweet shops, bakeries, meat shops, and other eating places.

This is a very nice initiative taken by FDA collaborated with FSSAI and Kashmir Sweets Shop awarded Hygiene Rating Certificate by FSSAI is one of the milestones and still many more to come. This will help the consumers to get hygienic food from the best restaurants, sweet shops, bakeries, and other places.

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