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How to Copyright Your Website?

how to copyright your website

Websites perform a major role in correlating business to prospective customers in the industry. Be it a small scale business or large scale business, websites have always determined to be useful in communicating the vision, mission and prospects of the business to the entire world. Further, with the wide method of the website and millions … Read more

Parle Agro filed trademark infringement against Walmart India

trademark voilation between parle vs walmart india

As we all know, the foreign countries have always faced the battles between the different brands for the trademarks and copyright. Similarly, India has now newly started facing these legacy battles between big brands. Also, it is a rare case of a domestic company suing an MNC for trademark violation. Parle Agro has proceeded with … Read more

Everything Know about Apple Watch Series 6 with new patent

apple watch

Apple watches series 6 has launched new Apple Watch Series 6 with new patent the Fall Detection feature as many leaks and stories have given us an idea to expect from the upcoming iPhone 12 models, one of the patents discovered by Patently Apple website ultimately indicates a feature that may arrive in Apple Watch … Read more