Trademark Registration for Building Construction and Repairs: Trademark Class 37

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Misuse of a well-known trademark is extremely difficult to achieve as Trademark Registration helps businesses in multiple ways. Recognized trademarks are well-known in India. With trademark registration, one can easily boost one’s business brand and have legal advantages. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss trademark Class 37, which relates to the business of construction, demolition, repair, and installation services.

Understand Trademarks

The Trademarks Act of 1999 describes a trademark as “a term, emblem, design, and combination of colours or shapes, among other things,” which denotes a brand’s or product’s identity and distinguishes it from opponents. In addition, it is an international branding recognition and a company’s most important asset.

Know the Importance of Trademarks

It is important to know that the advantages of trademark registrations are limitless. As a result, trademarks can provide you with a range of benefits whether you are a small or large business. Some most important benefits are as follows.

  • The business’s branding gets legal security till the trademark has validity.
  • Moreover, trademarks assist in the development of credibility and the acquisition of brand awareness.
  • Trademarks become beneficial commodities for the company, allowing you to make more money by selling or offering contracts for their use.
  • Trademark registration requires an extension every ten years.

Classification of Trademarks

In the market, many businesses provide a variety of goods and services. Consequently, to identify them, we use a list of Trademarks that are properly divided on the basis of a variety of products and services.

We call this classification Trademark Classes. In the Trademark classes, there are nearly 80,000 products and services. There are 45 different classes in trademark registration.

Know about the complete list of 45 Trademark Classes.

Building construction, demolition services, maintenance, and other installation services are all included in Class 37, one of the 45 classes. Services provided by contractors or subcontractors in the construction or improvement of houses, as well as services rendered by people who restore items to their original state, are classified as Class 37.

Trademark Class 37

Only services are included in Trademark Class 37. For example, Services rendered by contractors or subcontractors in the design or rendering of permanent structures and service provided by individuals or organizations engaged in restoring things to their previous form or preserving them without modifying their physicochemical properties are included.

Various Services coming under Trademark Class 37 are as follows.

  • Installation and maintenance of air conditioning equipment
  • maintenance and repair of aeroplanes
  • anti-corrosion treatment for automobiles
  • Services for creating artificial snow
  • cleaning and fixing asphalt boilers
  • laying bricks for the construction of fair stalls and shops
  • building sealing / damp-proofing
  • bulldozer rental insulating a house construction supervision
  • vehicle repair [refuelling and maintenance] vehicle service stations

What not to classify under Trademark Class 37?

  • Finacial Services, etc
  • Any other goods.

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