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Internet Domain Names (IDNs) now serve a far broader purpose than simply identifying the online presence of various businesses. These domain names have now achieved the position of becoming corporate identifiers and promoters in this age of well-developed data technology and global corporations via the Internet. In this article, you will understand trademark registration for domain name.

As commercial activity on the Internet continues to grow, so does the relevance and use of domain names for businesses across all sectors of the economy looking to increase their visibility, attractiveness, and profits.

It’s not uncommon for people to think of domain names as the internet’s trademarks. Hence, it is important for every entrepreneur to know about the trademark registration for domain name.

What is a Domain Name? 

Domain names are the addresses that internet users use to locate any website. Simply put, a domain name serves as the “internet identity” of a company.

Technically, because the Internet is built on IP addresses, every web server needs a Domain Name System (DNS) server to convert domain names into IP addresses.

It’s important to remember that a domain name is like an address for a website.

A domain name serves the same purpose as a trademark in identifying a product or service. Furthermore, an Internet domain name fulfills the same roles in commercial transactions that an actual trademark does.

An internet domain name serves as the company’s online address and as a graphic representation of its product or service in the marketplace. Hence, there are several benefits to registering the trademark in India.

Advantages of Trademark Registration for Domain Name

Advantages of Trademark Registration for Domain Name

  • Protecting and promoting the brand name is the primary function of trademarks, whereas registering a domain name ensures that no one may use it without permission. Hence, you should also consider trademark registration online while you have a business website development.
  • The face value of a profession or business is supported by trademarks and the contact value of a firm from anywhere in the globe is increased by a domain name.
  • Products and services may be made well-known in the marketplace through the use of trademarks, while the global reach of domain names allows for global distribution.
  • The trademark registration for domain name ensures that no one else may use the same name in the market, ensuring that the brand’s identity is protected.
  • Once you register trademark in India, the registered owner has all of the lawful rights and powers that trademark and service mark owners in India enjoy. The right to sue for infringement or passing off is also included.
  • In India, there is no legal protection for a domain name. As a result of this, every new domain name registered in India under the Trade Marks Act, 1999, and the Trade Marks Rules, 2002, is protected.
  • You can make money after selling the domain name

Can domain names be registered as trademarks?

Trademark and service mark registration and protection are possible for domain names, too, provided that the domain name meets all requirements for trademark and service mark registration and protection.

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Indian law protects the names of domains

Domain names in India are protected in the same way as trademarks and service marks are, providing that the requested domain name satisfies all of the prerequisites to be legally registered under Indian trademark law. Newly generated domain names can be trademarked so far by any person, corporation, or professional body under the Trademarks Act of 1999 and the Trademark Rules of 2002 and any changes made thereto.


Trade and economic activity on the internet relies heavily on the use of domain names. The preservation of domain names is especially important for firms that operate only online. Domain names are safeguarded under the Trademarks Act, 1999, which came into effect in India in 1999. Hence, in order to protect your business and safeguard your brand image, you must have a trademark registration for domain name in India.

Trademark Registration process Flowchart

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