What documents are required for a trade license in India?

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A commercial license or trade license in India  is an official document that allows you to legally operate a business in a certain jurisdiction. Delhi’s economic activity is recorded and regulated by the MCD, which awards Trade Licenses to local firms. This page will inform you about Trade License in India.

What is a Trade License in India?

When conducting business in a certain region, you’ll need a trade license, which is a certificate or document granting you the right to do so. Be aware that the license does not give you the right to do anything outside what you asked for, and it also does not give you any ownership of the property. Any company that wants to conduct business must first get the appropriate permits and licenses. Trade License needs to be obtained for each municipality so for example if you operate your business in Delhi and Mumbai, you will need to obtain Trade License in Delhi as well Trade License in Mumbai.

Necessity of Trade License in India

The government has mandated that everyone in business get a trade license to operate, with the goal of preventing dishonest dealings and promoting compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards. Thus, every business needs to obtain a Trade License in India as per their business in order to notify the government about their legal business operations and adherence to the commercial rules of the country.

Why should you get a Trade License in India?

  • For continued success and the company’s reputation
  • Improve profits by drawing in new clients and funding.
  • To ensure that clients are not harmed by any health concerns caused by unethical company practices.
  • To guarantee that no unethical practices are employed by the company or that any potentially dangerous materials are stored on the premises.
  • To assure customers and other stakeholders that all operations are being conducted in an honest and legal manner.
  • To guarantee national commerce is governed and regulated.

Hence, Trade License in India is mandatory as well as beneficial license that every business must get through an application procedure along with attaching relevant documents.

Document Requirement to get Trade License in India

  • Application in the prescribed format.
  • Address Proof And Identity Proof- Individual.
  • Affidavit.
  • Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership Deed.
  • Canceled Cheque and Bank Statement.
  • Rental Agreement (in case the premises are rented, otherwise, proof of ownership).
  • Consent letter from the owner of the place of business.
  • Latest Municipality  Property Tax Receipt.
  • Address proof of directors.
  • PAN of the entity.
  • NOC from the land-owning agencies etc.
  • A certified layout plan of your trade building showing the business, working areas, etc.
  • Sanction Plan.
  • Occupancy Certificate.

Stepwise Procedure to Obtain Trade License in India

  • Visit the official website of the state where your company will be operating.
  • You must complete out a short online application form and submit all relevant documentation.
  • Submit the necessary documents as well as the application form.
  • The next step is for the Municipal Corporation to examine your application and any supporting materials you submitted.
  • Application processing time is typically between 6 and 12 business days. Using the same page, you may find out where your application stands.
  • Your application for a Trade license will be approved if the relevant authorities is satisfied.

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How to Apply Trade License in Delhi Online

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How to Apply Trade License in Delhi Online

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