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The Indian Government provides FIEO Registration to exporters in India for the benefit of the business and the general public. The is valuable for each and every exporter in India for a variety of reasons. Thus, before we get into the benefits of it. In this article, we will understand all about FIEO Registration.

What is FIEO?

FIEO stands for Federation of Indian Export Organizations. It is an organization working for export promotion in India.

The Federation of Indian Exporters and Importers (FIEO) also represents all Indian exporters and importers. As a result, it is a partner of the Indian government in promoting India’s exports.

For all Indian entrepreneurs active in the export-import industry, the FIEO acts as a guide. Furthermore, it uses to manage all export-related firms in India. As a consequence, entrepreneurs can gain worldwide exposure, extensive counseling on important fields of international trade, such as Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), and distinct allowances for MSMEs by registering with FIEO.

What is FIEO Registration in India?

FIEO Registration is RCMC. It means it is a Registration cum Membership Certificate. This Certificate basically serves as an authorization for the firm to engage in exports and take advantage of current international trade policy incentives.

An exporter needs to have FIEO Registration or RCMC as per the export promotion policy of the government. You can get it as per your eligibility criteria and as a:

  • Merchant Exporter,
  • Manufacturer Exporter,
  • Merchant-cum-Manufacturer Exporter,
  • or Service Provider.

Thus, if you are looking to start an export-import business, you must get some mandatory and basic registrations such as FIEO Registration, Import Export Code RegistrationAD Code Registration, and Spice Board Registration.

Benefits of FIEO Registration

Benefits of FIEO Registration

  • It provides exporters with suitable worldwide exposure guidelines.
  • Exporters who are FIEO registration holders have access to relevant assistance on matters such as FTP and company regulations via online chat.
  • Apart from receiving various types of discounts or rebates from the FIEO, information on India’s foreign trade strategy will also be delivered to you in advance.
  • Furthermore, Individual exporters can enroll if they wish to profit from the FIEO but don’t want the RCMC certificate.
  • eBay and Amazon provide FIEO members the opportunity to operate free online businesses for six months and three months, respectively.
  • Exporters who have FIEO Registration are eligible for a 10% discount on all local and international plane tickets. Similarly, credit rating firms CRISIL provide FIEO exporters a 10% discount on credibility assessment resources.
  • Exporters can easily comply with the government rules and regulations through guidance from FIEO.

All about FIEO Registration Process

The FIEO Registration Process is simple and straightforward. All you have to do to get online FIEO Registration delivered to you without any hassle is follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Login or Sign Up on our web portal at – E-StartupIndia
  • The experts will guide you for document preparation and the document requirement of the FIEO Application process.
  • Submit the Required documents to Experts to prepare the application in a prescribed manner and submit it.
  • After receiving the successful verification from the government body, you will receive it in your mail.
Take a call from Expert

Document Requirement for FIEO Application

  • IEC Code
  • GST Registration
  • Cross Cheque or Demand Draft
  • Description of Product
  • Bank Statement
  • Declaration of Total Investment
  • Previous three years turnover of exports and statement of foreign exchange earnings of recent three years
  • SSI and IEM Certificate in the case of Manufacturer Exporter.

FIEO Launches Online Portal For Exporters To Request Elusive Shipping Containers

Moreover, if you need any guidance as regards the FIEO Registration, please feel free to contact our business advisors at 8881-069-069.

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