BIS Certification Mandatory for Trading Imported Goods

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In a significant regulatory update, the import of used, repaired, refurbished, and reconditioned electronic products intended for the Indian market must now get BIS Certification.

Furthermore, welcomed by the industry, aligns with the government’s recent efforts to curb the influx and sale of substandard products within the country. Let us understand the latest news of BIS Certification Mandatory for Trading Imported Goods in India through this article.

DGFT Notification: Import Restrictions on Second-Hand Electronics

In a notification dated May 20, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) announced new rules for importing second-hand electronics.

The Centre has banned the import of second-hand products, including those refurbished, repaired, or reconditioned, if they fall under the Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Order, 2021.

However, there is an exception. These products can be only imported if they have BIS Certification and meet the BIS labelling requirements. This new regulation ensures that all imported second-hand electronics comply with India’s safety and quality standards.

Source: DGFT Notification

BIS Certification Required for Sale of Imported Used Electronics

Industry in India has  noted that a significant number of refurbished and reconditioned products are being sold in India.

These products include categories like laptops, smart speakers, printers, copiers, SLR digital cameras, multi-function devices, video game consoles, earphones, headsets, and security cameras. They are available in certain offline stores and on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

With the new DGFT notification, manufacturers or sellers of these imported products must now obtain BIS Certification to sell them.

This rule ensures that all imported used electronics meet India’s safety and quality standards.

Stricter Enforcement Rules for Non-Compliant Goods

  • Non-compliant imported goods must be re-exported.
  • If not re-exported, customs will deform and dispose of the goods as scrap.
  • Ensures only BIS-compliant electronic products are sold in India, maintaining high safety and quality standards.

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For importers, the new BIS Certification requirement for used electronics is crucial and now mandatory. Compliance with these regulations is mandatory to avoid penalties and ensures a smooth import process.

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