Export of APEDA Products Rises 44.3% in April-June this fiscal

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Good News for India as the export of APEDA products rises significantly. Despite the COVID-19 induced several movement restrictions, India continues to achieve record exports of more than 44.3%. The record is in the export of agricultural and processed food products in April-June (2021-22). Interestingly, India achieved this record of more exports in 2021-22(April-June) in comparison with the corresponding period of 2020-21. In this article, let us read about the good news of Export of APEDA products rises up to 44.3 percent in detail.

Export of APEDA products rises

The massive increase in agricultural and processed food exports throughout the first three months of the current fiscal year has continued to increase exports in the year 2020-21.

The WTO(World Trade Organization) trade map indicates that India is placed 9th in the world, with agri-exports totaling USD 37 billion in 2019.

The actions of the Export Development Authority for Agricultural and Processed Food Products (APEDA) have made this feat during the peak of pandemic outbreaks.

In April-June 2021, the trade ministry stated the APEDA Basket increased exports of products such as grains, pork, cereals, and dairy commodities by 44.3 percent, reaching $4,81 billion.

However, APEDA goods also include fruits or vegetable products; preparations of cereals and various processed items; meat, dairy products, and poultry products; rice and other cereals.

Thus, Exports of fruits and vegetables grew this fiscal year in April-June, according to rapid estimates, by 9.1 percent to USD 637 million.

Increase in Agri-Exports

The country has reported a 25.02% growth in Indian agri-exports, compared with the same period last year, FY 2020-21 (April-March). The agricultural exportation of the nation is anticipated in the current year (2021-22) to rise. Experts estimate to see a positive rise of around 15%.

Similarly, The export of rice, which recorded a positive growth of 25.3 percent, increased from USD 1914.5 million in April-June 2020 to USD 2398.5 million in April-June 2021.

Why Export of APEDA products rises

The rise of exports of agricultural and processed food products is the result of APEDA’s various export promotion initiatives. For instance, meetings in various countries of B2B exhibitions. Exploring new potential markets with the active involvement of Indian embassies, through product-specific and generalized marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, APEDA has also taken various steps to promote GI items in India through the organization of virtual purchaser meetings with UAE on agricultural and food products and GI products, including handicrafts with the US.

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What are the benefits of APEDA Registration?

There are unlimited benefits of APEDA Registration. Some of the most significant ones are as follows.

  • Firstly, APEDA contributes to the upgrading and strengthening of approved export test laboratories and residue surveillance strategies.
  • APEDA offers support for the development of infrastructure. The enhancement of the quality and market growth of exports of agricultural goods via financial assistance programs.
  • APEDA arranges and encourages exporters’ participation at International Trade Fairs. It provides exporters with a platform for marketing their food goods worldwide. Similarly, In order to promote agri-exports, APEDA also arranges National events like AAHAR, the Organic World Congress, BioFach India, etc.
  • In order to satisfy the qualitative standards of the worldwide market, APEDA also aids in registering pack-houses for garden goods. For example, to ensure compliance with the quality of EU and non-EU nations, registration of export facilities for peanut shells and grading and processing units is required.

APEDA exports five varieties of apples to Bahrain

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