How to change owner name in Trademark Registration

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A trademark is intellectual property just like a real-estate property. Therefore, Trademarks transfers are similar to cases where a landowner has the right to sell or transfer his or her property to someone else. Thus, it becomes essential to duly change the owner’s name in Trademark Registration online. In this article, we will discuss Change owner name in Trademark Registration.

What is a Trademark and Trademark Registration?

A trademark is a symbol that distinguishes one company’s goods or services from those of other companies. Thus, Intellectual property rights safeguard trademarks.

A trademark can be made up of a single word or a mixture of words, characters, and numbers. Drawings, symbols, three-dimensional characteristics such as the design and packaging of items, non-visible indications like sounds or aromas, or color tints utilized as identifying features are all also available options for trademark registration.

The trademark can be used exclusively by the owner or leased to another party. Trademark Registration gives legal clarity and strengthens the rights holder’s claim, for example, in the event of a lawsuit. The duration of a trademark registration varies, although it is typically 10 years.

Stepwise Guide on How to change owner name in Trademark Registration

The steps to change the owner name in Trademark Registration are as follows.

  • Any alteration in the Register trademark in India should be done in the form of TM – O.
  • This form will be accompanied by a statement outlining all of the facts of the case, including why it is being amended, the specifics, and the purpose for the change.
  • If the application is filed by someone who is not a registered member of the trademark, the application must be submitted to the Trademark Registry first.
  • For applicants outside India, a Certified/Notarized copy of the trade record/company register proving the name change must be included with the above-mentioned form.
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  • A certified copy of the name change paperwork must be included with the application seeking the Applicant’s name change for Indian applicants. A certificate of incorporation issued by the MCA’s ROC in response to a name change should also be attached.
  • The competent authority will then submit the petition to each of the registered members around one month, and then await further months in case any further questions arise.
  • If no refutes are received within three months after the operation, the name on the trademark will be changed in accordance with section 98 of the 2017 trademark regulations.
  • If a question arises, it will be sent to the original applicant for replies within one month of the service being provided to the user, and he will be required to defend the changeThe change will be finalized after all of the inquiries have been answered.

To change the owner’s name in the Trademark registration involves a lot of complicated steps. Therefore, a mistake in the trademark registration process can cost you plenty of money, time, and energy. It is best to get it done through our expert professionals who have been working in the Trademark Registration Process for many years.

Difference between Global and Local Trademark Registration

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