How to check GST ARN Number & Status?

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While you apply for Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration, the GST ARN number, or Application Reference Number, plays an important role.

This unique identifier is automatically generated upon submission of your registration application and serves as a tracking number for your application status.

Thus, allowing you to monitor the status of your application until you receive your GST Certificate and GSTIN.

Let us learn how to check the application status through GST ARN Number through this article.

Process to check GST Registration Application through GST ARN Number 

After you apply for GST Registration Online, you get ARN at the confirmation of application submission which you can use to check your application status through steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the GST Portal by going to

From the main menu, select “Track Application Status” within the “Services” section.

Step 2: Provide ARN Number

Fill in the ARN number in the designated field and complete the CAPTCHA.

Step 3: Check Status

After submitting the form, the status of the ARN number will be shown below.

Other Important Details about GST ARN Number

When does the GST ARN number get generated?

The GST ARN Number is created within the GST Portal upon the submission of the GST registration application. Also know: How Much Time Does It Take To Get a GST Number

What is the length of the GST ARN number?

The GST ARN number comprises 15 characters, a mix of letters and numerals, with the state codes represented numerically.

What’s the structure of the GST ARN?

The 15-character alphanumeric code follows this pattern:

  • The initial 2 characters are letters.
  • The next 2 digits represent the state code.
  • The subsequent 4 characters denote the month and year.
  • This is followed by a unique 6-digit system-generated number.
  • The final character is the checksum digit.

Where can the GST ARN number be monitored?

You can track the GST ARN number on the GST portal.

Understanding GST ARN Status

Application Assigned to Approving Officer:

  • When your GST application is in this status, it means that it has been assigned to an officer for review.
  • The application is currently awaiting processing on the government side, and an officer is responsible for evaluating it.

Awaiting Clarification:

  • If your application is labeled as “Pending for Clarification,” it indicates that the processing officer has requested additional information or clarification regarding your GST registration application.
  • It is essential to promptly provide the required clarification through the GST Portal

Clarification Submitted – Awaiting Order:

  • In this scenario, you, as the applicant, have submitted the requested clarification to address concerns raised by the GST Officer.
  • You can anticipate an order from the authorities in the near future.

Clarification Not Submitted – Awaiting Order:

  • If you fail to provide the required clarification within the stipulated time, your GST registration application will likely face rejection.
  • The GST Officer is expected to pass an order rejecting your application in this case.

Application Approved:

  • When your GST registration application receives an “Application Approved” status, it means that the GST Officer has reviewed and accepted your application.
  • You will soon receive your GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) and the approved registration documents.
  • Then you can download the GST Registration Certificate through steps mentioned at: How to Download GST Registration Certificate

Application Rejected:

  • If your application status reads “Application Rejected,” it signifies that the GST Officer has declined your registration request.
  • To obtain GST registration, you will now need to reapply, addressing any issues that led to the rejection.

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