Major Import and Export Ports in India

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At present, most of the businesses have gone international. Ports are an important part of Infrastructure that help in the successful import and export of Goods. Also, Ports help in military activities along with commercial ones. Thus, knowing ports in India is beneficial in multiple ways. In this article, we will know about Major Import and Export Ports in India. We will also understand about AD Code Registration and its benefits for importers and exporters in India.

What is a Port?

A port is simply a location where we transfer goods from one transport to another. These ports in any country allow management of foreign trade and distribution.

The ports are generally located on oceans, seas or other waterways. Lastly, ports may also mean a location that provides shelter to cargo or ships.

List of Major Import and Export Ports in India

India is now one of the major hubs for Import and Export Business in India. The Major business is carried out from the following ports.

  • Kandla Port

Kandla Port was built in the 1950s as the primary seaport for Western India because of India’s divide, which left the port of Karachi in Pakistan.

The port is in the Kutch region of Gujarat state in Western India, near Gandhidham.

In terms of performance and the number of products passing through it each year, it is India’s leading container port.

Because of its quantity and quality for exporting grain and importing oil, the Kandla Port is also recognized as the richest and busiest port.

  • Mumbai Port

Mumbai Port is a port located in the middle of the west coast of India, in the natural port of Mumbai in Maharashtra.

The port spans 400 square kilometers and is the largest port in India in terms of size and maritime traffic.

Handling about 20% of India’s foreign trade, the Port of Mumbai is valuable to India’s economic and business operations.

In addition, The water depth reaches up to 1012 meters, allowing easy anchoring and passing of large cargo ships.

  • Chennai Port for Import and Export in India

Chennai Port, formerly known as Madras Port, is the second-largest container port in India. This port is also the largest in the Bay of Bengal.

It is interesting to note that the Chennai Port is the third oldest port among India’s major ports for import and export.

The port has operated since 1881 and remains the main reason for Tamil Nadu’s economic growth, particularly the manufacturing boom in South India

The Chennai Port can handle more than 100 million tons of goods per year. The Port also has ISO Certification and connects directly to more than 50 ports worldwide.

Thus, Chennai Port is one of the best ports to start exporting profitable products from India.

  • Port Blair Port – Latest Major Import and Export Ports in India

Port Blair Port is a port in the South  Andaman and Nicobar District of India, near the city of Port Blair. Located on the Andaman Sea, it is one of the main ports of India.

One of the youngest major ports in India, Port Blair has been declared an official shipping and cargo port by the government of India for its significant contribution to the economy.

It can accommodate cargo ships up to 500 feet in length and serves as a link between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Thus, if you are looking How to start a spice business in India, this port or any other port mentioned above can be one of the ideal options for you.

What is the AD Code?

According to government rules, you must have two registrations before you can establish an import and export business in India.

The first is IEC Code, and the second is the AD Code Registration. The basic purpose of the AD Code is customs clearance of your Goods.

Thus, An AD (Authorised Dealer) Code is a 14-digit code that determines whether or not foreign currency transactions in an exporter’s current account are authorized.

Important Note: For customs clearance of goods exported or imported, AD Code registration is necessary for each port individually.

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What are the benefits of AD Code Registration?

AD Code Registration being mandatory offers significant advantages. The most important ones are as follows.

  • Registering AD code will help you grow your business and reach a larger market on a global scale, enabling your business to grow rapidly.
  • Registering the AD code is a one-time process. This means you don’t have to furnish any returns. Once the code has been provided to you, you will not be prompted to complete any other steps or file returns.
  • Obtaining AD is a completely online process. The online AD code registration application becomes easy as our experienced professionals will do it for you while you take care of other tasks in the business.

How to obtain IEC Registration for Small Businesses?

If you want any other guidance relating to the AD Code Registration, please feel free to talk to our business advisors at 8881-069-069.

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