Startup India Certification Boost for Deep Tech Businesses in 2024

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The Indian government is starting the second phase of the Startup India Certification Scheme on January 16. This phase will specifically support deep technology startups, focusing on areas like semiconductor chips, research and design, quantum and high-performance computing, as well as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

First Phase vs Second Phase in Startup India Certification Scheme

The First Phase of the Startup India scheme was more focused on consumer internet and consumption or service-based startups

However, it is expected that the second phase of the Startup India Scheme will now work in the domain of semiconductor chips, related research,  design areas, quantum & high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity,

Thus, businesses having Startup India Certification in these domains are going to benefit a lot. 

How can Startups benefit from the Startup India Certification Scheme in Second Phase?

1. Better Improvement in Scheme

The Startup India scheme adapts based on practical experiences and lessons learned from the first phase. Thus, the second phase is going to be more improvised than the first one. 

2. Stronger Support for Startups

The second phase, starting January 16, is committed to providing stronger support for startups.

3. Steadfast Policies and Taxes:

Emphasis is placed on ensuring a steadfast and favorable environment through stable policies and fair taxation.

4. Research and Collaboration Guarantee

The second phase guarantees a focus on encouraging research and collaboration between startups, industries, and academic institutions.

5. Fair Rules System:

The overall commitment is to establish a robust support system with fair rules, stable taxes, and increased collaboration for the benefit of startups in India.

Why Startup India Certification matters and why you should get it?

Startup Growth:

From 2016 to 2021, over 41,000 startups were acknowledged by the DPIIT in various sectors.

Government Changes:

The government modified 39 policies between 2016 and 2021 to make it easier to do business, attract funding, and reduce compliance hassles.

Deep-Tech Focus:

The upcoming phase will specifically spotlight deep-tech startups.

Increased Policy Support:

The support for startups in terms of policies is expected to be higher than what has been provided so far in the initial phases.

For a more deep understanding of the benefits schemes under Startup India Certification, eligibility criteria, etc. you can read our post: 

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