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In recent years, significant strides have been made in the Indian technology landscape, particularly in fostering a robust start-up ecosystem. To actively support the entrepreneurial endeavors of these cutting-edge firms, IIMK LIVE has collaborated with Deloitte India and the Department of Science and Technology to launch LIVE X—an accelerator program with a focus on AI/ML themes. Let’s learn all about the IIM K Live X Program through this article.

What is the IIM K Live X Program?

In its pursuit of fostering innovation in India, IIM K LIVE X is dedicated to nurturing the development of start-ups utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to create revolutionary products and solutions.

Thus, This program is crafted to expedite the growth of these start-ups by providing access to scale-up funds, along with essential business expertise.

The overarching objective is to empower these emerging businesses to unveil transformative solutions with the potential to redefine industries. The program’s duration spans approximately four months, and applications are invited from start-ups in the early traction stage.


Benefits of IIM K Live X Program

  • 30 hours of mentorship provided by AI/ML specialists and business experts.
  • Support for growth hacking valued at up to Rs. 1 lakh for each startup.
  • Seed funding assistance is available up to Rs. 30 lakhs.
  • This is a hybrid acceleration program, meaning startups are not required to work physically from the provided acceleration space at LIVE.

Can any AI/ML startups join this program?

Yes, any startup working in AI/ML can apply for this accelerator program. However, preference will be given to startups with innovative products, having Startup India Certification, and those at a stage of significant growth with early success.

What kind of funding is available for startups in this program?

Startups receive seed funding in the form of equity. The details of valuation and investment terms for each startup will be discussed individually when the offers are made, taking into account the associated risks and merits. Learn more about Seed Funding at: startup india seed fund scheme

How often IIM K Live X Program applications are accepted?

Applications for the IIMK LIVE Acceleration Program are accepted once a year. You can apply for the IIM K Live X Program online. Experts at E-StartupIndia can ease your application process and help you stay updated with its status.


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Can I apply if my startup has received grants, awards, or investments?

Yes, you can apply even if your startup has received grants, awards, or investments.

What criteria are considered when evaluating a startup under IIM K Live X Program?

Evaluation is based on having a unique and innovative solution, a strong team, and early success in the AI/ML domain. Decisions regarding startup selection are made based on committee recommendations.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Incubation Program at LIVE?

  • Your startup should be registered and headquartered in India.
  • It must operate in the field of AI/ML.
  • An innovative product or solution should be prepared for commercialization.
  • Preference is granted to startups that have gained early traction in terms of both customers and revenue.

Do I need to be associated with IIM Kozhikode to apply for the LIVE Acceleration Program?

No, you don’t need to be associated with IIM Kozhikode as a student, alumni, or faculty to apply. Anyone can apply for the IIM K Live X Program.

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