India is now World’s 2nd Largest Manufacturer of PPE Kits for COVID-19

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Great news for Indians! India has now become the 2nd largest manufacturer in the world of PPE Kits for COVID-19.

Just at the beginning of the COVID-19 Crisis, India was dependent on other nations for Personal Protection Equipment or PPE kits for COVID-19. Using the crisis as an opportunity, India has become the world’s second-largest manufacturer of PPE body coveralls. This is indeed a proud moment for India. Moreover, the manufacturing of PPE kits for Covid-19 will also help in boosting our economy.

While the world is suffering from the COVID-19 Crisis, India has found better ways to fight with it. As of Coronavirus India updates, our nation is under the Lockdown 4.0, which is till 31st May 2020.

Let us understand in detail how India became the world’s second-largest manufacturer of PPE body coveralls.

How India Achieved This Success?

It was only possible because of the combined support of the textile industry and the Government of India’s motivation.

  • Currently, China is the leading manufacturer of PPE kits for Covid-19.
  • India reached a significant milestone of becoming 2nd largest manufacturer of PPE Kits in a short span of two months!
  • This huge achievement is actually the result of the combined efforts of the Government and the PPE kit manufacturers having GeM registration. They have helped the Government to fulfill the growing demand of PPE kits for COVID-19.

PPE kits for COVID-19

The Corona fighters, such as police force, doctors, nurses, and medical staff, are supposed to wear specially made PPE kits for COVID-19 protection. The PPE kits (Personal Protective Equipment) help to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Challenges faced in manufacturing PPE kits for COVID-19

The Textile Committee, which comes under the regulatory control of the Ministry of Textiles, has discussed the challenges faced every day.

  • The biggest challenge was the lack of domestic manufacturers.
  • Besides, it would take a long way to import the machinery for the manufacturing of PPE kits for Covid-19 as there is a massive demand for them all over the world.
  • So the Committee decided to take up the challenge and manufacture PPE Kits on their own with existing resources without relying on China.

How India overcame the challenge?

To cope with the challenge, the Indian Government worked with the Textile Committee.

  • The Government also urged Government e-Marketplace to work with the State Governments and to help suppliers & manufacturers of PPE Equipment to easily get GeM registration and list their products on the GeM portal.
  • Besides, the Government has worked with the Textile Committee in the process of SITRA certification of PPE kit manufacturers.
  • Know more about PPE kit manufacturers on the GeM portal.

Scope of PPE Kits for Covid-19

The scope of PPE Kits for Covid-19 is vast. Today, the PPE kits are being exported as well as used for India’s own citizens. These kits are a necessity for frontline health workers and other COVID-19 warriors or corona fighters. Thus, acquiring these PPE Kits, along with some additional equipment, will help to address quantitative and qualitative measures.

Further prospects of PPE Kits

The textile committee is working hard to further expand both the quantity and quality of PPE kits. This achievement shows enormous scope for India in the manufacturing sector during times of crisis. There is a great opportunity for Indian manufactures to get GeM registration and supply their goods to government buyers on Government e-Marketplace.

If you need any sort of guidance or assistance about the GeM registration process, please feel free to contact our business advisors at 8881-069-069.


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