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As we all know, travel agencies are a type of business that provide travel and accommodation services to the general public. Generally, travel agencies offer different kinds of packages and are an integral part of the MSME Sector. Travel agencies have to face many challenges; however, these challenges can be solved by getting MSME registration. In this article, we will read about MSME registration. We will also understand how can a travel agency obtain an MSME Registration and the advantages of MSME registration.

What is a travel agency?

Travel agencies help their clients make travel plans. They also assist customers in choosing their destination transportation lodging. Generally, travel agencies offer tour packages to their clients.

In addition, travel agencies provide several other services. For example, airlines car rentals, cruise lines, hotels for railways travel insurance, etc.

Therefore, travel agencies often receive commissions and other benefits and incentives from business providers or charge fees from the end client.

Can a travel agency be registered under MSME?

Yes, a travel agency can be registered under MSME, but they need to register under the services sector for MSME registration.

What is MSME registration?

The acronym MSME stands for micro, small and medium enterprises. The MSM registration is a government scheme that facilitates the development and promotion of enterprises in multiple ways. The MSME registration offers several benefits and plans that businesses can avail of after getting their business registered under MSME.

The eligibility criteria for MSME registration is as follows

  • Micro MSME enterprises – These are the SMEs having investments less than Rs. one crore and annual turnover are also less than Rs. five crores.
  • Small MSME enterprises – These are enterprises whose investment is less than Rs. ten crores and annual turnover are also less than Rs. 50 crores.
  • Medium MSME enterprises – These are the enterprises whose investment is less than 20 crore, and annual turnover is less than 200 crore rupees.
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Why get MSME Registration?

It is essential to register under MSME if someone wants to avail the schemes and benefits from the central, state government, and also from the banking sector.

What are the MSME Registration benefits for travel agencies?

There are several benefits of MSME registration. The most significant ones are as follows-

  • Msme registration provides low-interest rates from banks and other financial institutions.
  • There are several credit support schemes offered by the Indian government to provide financial assistance to MSMEs.
  • MSMEs having GST registration can get loans up to Rs. five crores within 59 minutes.
  • Udyam Registration  or MSME Registration allows travel agencies to form a community as a result of these communities, MSMEs can raise funds and can also utilize other resources to grow their business
  • Travel agencies or any other business can register a trademark by paying a low government fee after getting MSME registration.
  • Businesses under MSME registration can avail a benefit of 1% on the overdraft. However, this scheme depends on bank to bank.
  • One of the most significant benefits that MSME registration offers is fewer electricity bills. This simply means enterprises having an MSME registration certificate can get concessions on their electricity bill.
  • Registered enterprises under MSME can claim reimbursement for their ISO certification. As a result, they get significant advantages of ISO certification for free.

EMD Exemption On Tenders For MSME Business

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EMD Exemption On Tenders For MSME Business

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