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Overview - Company Registration in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is South Asia's export powerhouse, and it has a global trading network that stretches across the globe. New investors and seasoned businesses alike might benefit from Company Registration in Hong Kong.

Foreigners can own up to 100% of a corporation as a lone director or shareholder. As a result, Hong Kong is also known as the investors' heaven: a superpower that has been demonstrated to operate as a shooting cannon for enterprises that seek to grow in Asia and beyond.

It is a worldwide financial destination administered by a business-friendly administration that will stop at nothing to ensure the success of any company operating there.

As per the World Bank Index, Hong Kong has risen to third in the rankings of ease of starting and running a business. You can have multiple types of company registration in Hong Kong and take your business to a global level.

Type of Company Registration in Hong Kong

Sole Proprietorship Company Registration Hong Kong

#1. A single owner is required to have Sole Proprietorship Company Registration in Hong Kong.

#2. One Owner is responsible for all the profits or losses.

#3. Owner and Business Entity are considered the same.

#4. Taxed at the rate of 15% on their assessable profits and must register with the Inland Revenue Departments Business Registration Office.

Partnership Business Registration Hong Kong

#1. Two or more persons can share the ownership of a single company under this corporate structure.

#2. It is possible to raise more money through partnerships because of the sharing of responsibilities and the potential to generate finances.

#3. Each partner is accountable for the activities of the other partners in a partnership.

#4. Due to the restricted liability that limited partners enjoy, the Limited Partnership is the most popular type of joint venture.

Private Limited Company Registration Hong Kong Online

#1. A private limited liability company is the most frequently registered business structure in Hong Kong.

#2. In accordance with Hong Kong's Companies Ordinance, anybody above the age of 18 can have a Private Limited Company Registration in Hong Kong.

#3. A private limited corporation by shares is a separate legal entity from its owners/stockholders, with a maximum of 50 shareholders. Entrepreneurs choose this structure because it allows them to benefit from all of Hong Kong's tax advantages.

#4. A Hong Kong corporation can be owned and operated solely by foreigners. There is no necessity to be a local resident.

Public Company Formation Hong Kong

#1. Public companies are those in which the general public can purchase stock or debt obligations.

#2. In Public Company Formation Hong Kong, the number of shareholders is more than 50.

#3. Companies that have grown significantly in their field may opt to go public by increasing their shareholder base.

#4. Most publicly traded corporations are listed on a stock market in Hong Kong.

#5. In order to collect money from the general public, publicly traded corporations must adhere to an extremely strict set of guidelines.

Company Formation Hong Kong Limited by Guarantee

#1. A non-profit or a charitable organisation would benefit greatly from utilising this corporate structure.

#2. Members in this structure are required to guarantee payment of a certain sum in the event of the company's dissolution, as stipulated in the company's articles of association.

Branch Office

#1. The first step for an international firm wishing to conduct business in Hong Kong is to form a Hong Kong business entity.

#2. One of the best ways a foreign firm might establish a presence in Hong Kong is through a branch office.

#3. Branch offices in Hong Kong are registered with the Company Registry as legal entities.

#4. The parent firm assumes full responsibility for the obligations and liabilities of a branch office, which is different from a subsidiary.

Benefits of Company Registration in Hong Kong

#1. A prime location with a highly productive workforce.

#2. Economic and political stability.

#3. Favourable tax policies.

#4. Business-friendly climate and an efficient legal system.

#5. Favourable treatment from the more than 30 nations with whom Hong Kong has signed bilateral trade deals.

#6. There are rigorous restrictions in place to protect intellectual property.

#7. Foreign investors are drawn to the city because of its straightforward tax structure.

#8. People from outside Hong Kong who want to start a business here and live here can simply do so by obtaining the work visa.

#9. Investing in and out of the country is completely unrestricted.

#10. The Hong Kong government and the private sector have set up a variety of services and government schemes to assist your firm in expanding and improving in all areas.

#11. A liberal immigration policy governs Hong Kong. Approximately 170 nations and territories have visa-free entry to Hong Kong for stays ranging from 7 to 180 days.

#12. Hong Kong is also strategically positioned as it is close to China. This has a huge impact on gaining a foothold in the Chinese marketplace.

#12. English common law predominates in Hong Kong's legal system, which is distinct from that of the rest of China.

Tax on Company Registration in Hong Kong

#1. Profit Tax Rate from 8.25% - 16.5%

#2. Profits derived from sources outside of Hong Kong can be exempted from taxes

#3. No sales tax, import, capital gain tax or tax on dividends and interest

#4. No withholding tax on dividend distributions and interest payments made out to a resident or non-resident

How to register company in Hong Kong

#1. Select Type of Company

Type of Company will decide the taxation, benefits and registration procedure. As a result, you need to first select the type of company as per your business requirements and business goals.

#2. Select Company Name

Statutory laws dictate that while choosing the name for your firm, you must adhere to specific rules. There must be a business-related suffix to each name.

The term "Limited" must be the final word in the name of a private limited business. In Hong Kong, the abbreviation "Ltd" is not permitted for English-named companies, and they must use "Limited" in full.

Its best to consult experts to select a company name that is unique and valuable for the firm.

#3. Collect Documents for Director / Shareholders

If you have the proper paperwork, starting a business in Hong Kong is a breeze. In order to form a business in Hong Kong, each firm must submit a different set of documents.

#4. File Hong Kong Company Registration Application

When you submit your selected name to the Companies Registrar, you also need to provide other information about important members of your company (e.g. directors and shareholders) through an application form.

#5. Apply for Business License

Most business operations in Hong Kong may be carried out without restriction, however some do need the additional step of obtaining a business licence before you can proceed. This essential document includes information such as a company's name, sort of business, and address. Annual renewal is required to keep the business licence valid.

#6. Open Bank Account

Having a bank account is necessary for receiving money, as well as for paying your bills to operate your business internationally. You may open a current account online with traditional banks or with Neobanks, both of which provide online banking.

#7. Start Business Operations

Every business has different requirements of licensing, certifications, permissions etc. After you get these registrations, you can start your business operations. If your business doesn't need any specific licensing, you can start business operations right away and start adhering to required compliances.

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Document Requirement for Company Registration in Hong Kong

1. Passport of all shareholders/directors

2. Address proof of all shareholders/ directors i.e. identity card, bank statement, driving licence, utility bill

3. 10-seconds selfie video of each member holding his/her passport, and speaking their name, passport number, and the service you need

4. Company name (3 proposed company names either in English or Chinese)

5. Details of Companies in an application form

- Address of the company

- Description of business activities

- Particulars of shareholders, directors and company secretary

- Liability of members

- Share capital registered on incorporation

- Number of shares taken up by subscribers

Important Note:A translation into English or Chinese is required for all non-English documents.

Document Requirement for Company Registration in Hong Kong

Important Facts to know for Company Registration in Hong Kong

Unique Company Name for Business Registration

It is vital to search for a company name that has not been used, and create a legal business name which allows you to be sure it will be approved before you proceed with the Hong Kong company incorporation.

Details About Directors and Shareholders

In Hong Kong, a corporation must have at least one director. Anyone above the age of 18 who is a natural person and is not a Hong Kong citizen is eligible to apply. The director must also not have been convicted of any misconduct or insolvency. In Hong Kong, a private limited company can have as many as 49 shareholders. In addition to this, the director and the shareholder might be the same person or another corporation can also be the shareholder instead of a person.

Mandatory Appointment of Company Secretary

If a company does not have a registered office in Hong Kong or a physical location in the city, an individual must be appointed as a company secretary who must be a Hong Kong resident. The director and shareholder can not be company secretary for Company Registration in Hong Kong. The company secretary is responsible for ensuring that the firm adheres to all applicable laws and regulations.

Minimum Share Capital

Even though there is no minimum share capital requirement in Hong Kong, there is a normal policy for enterprises to have at least one shareholder, who must have at least one ordinary share issued on their establishment. Also, the share capital can be represented in any major currency and is not confined to the Hong Kong dollar.

Public Information about Company Registration for Hong Kong Online

Laws in Hong Kong mandate that all company directors, shareholders, and company secretary information be made available to all interested parties and the public. These details are made available to the public as soon as you get a Hong kong company registration certificate.

Taxation and Compliances of Company Formation Hong Kong

Companies in Hong Kong are taxed at 16.5 percent of their assessable profits for profit tax purposes. According to the territorial basis of HKSAR (Hong Kong's tax law), only earnings generated or earned within Hong Kong are taxed. Furthermore, Hong Kong does not impose a GST/VAT, income withholding tax, or capital gains tax.

For Hong Kong companies, preparing and maintaining accounts is one of the most important obligations and part of being compliant to the laws. Furthermore, the audited accounts and tax return must be filed with the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong each year.

Annual General Meeting in Business Registration Hong Kong

Annual General Meeting (AGM), often known as a meeting of the board, must be held once a year. Also, it is mandatory to hold AGM within 18 months of company registration in Hong Kong

Stepwise Timeline for Company Registration Hong Kong Online

  • 1

    Preparation of Documents

  • 2

    Application and Fulfilment of Official Government Requirements

  • 3

    Appointment of Company Secretary and Get Registered Address

  • 4

    Open a Current Bank Account

  • 5

    Setup Online Bookkeeping and Accounting

How can E-StartupIndia assist you in Company Registration in Hong Kong?

E-SrartupIndia is here to streamline the process of forming a business in Hong Kong. We compile all of the necessary paperwork, get it e-signed by you, and then submit it to the Corporate Registry in order to register your firm.

We offer you a viable solution to regulatory needs, such as seasoned corporate secretaries who can respond quickly online, a registered address , and the opportunity to get a hong kong company registration certificate.

We have a top-notch staff of specialists that can register your company in Hong Kong promptly and efficiently. As a result, our services can help you turn your thoughts into reality without any errors or hassles whatsoever. Since 2014, our professionals have been registering businesses online and staying abreast of any changes that can affect the registration procedure as a whole. This allows us to provide rapid and easy service to our valuable clients.

Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, and Company Secretaries make up the majority of the professionals on each of our teams. Financial services such as export-import trade, corporate governance, taxation and accounting have been part of our experience throughout the years. In addition, our pricing are competitive.

So, now is your chance to get your business off the ground legally over the globe. To start a business in Hong Kong, we're here to assist you every step of the way.



frequently asked questions

 A Hong Kong-based company secretary is required. However, an incorporated entity can also function as the secretary if it has an office in Hong Kong.


The most common types of company incorporation in Hong Kong are companies, sole-proprietorships & partnerships.

If you want to open a Hong Kong business, you'll need to get a business registration certificate or Company Registration Certificate from the Hong Kong Business Registration Office. It is the mandatory requirement and shows the details of a company.


You will need 1 director, 1 shareholder, 1 company secretary, Minimum one share to be issued, No capital investment is required to have Company Registration in Hong Kong.


From the date of establishment, every Hong Kong-based business must have a Hong Kong registered office. This is the company's official mailing address for legal correspondence, which may or may not be the same as the company's physical location.


Companies in Hong Kong can have all of its directors and shareholders be non-Hong Kong residents. There is no necessity to be a local resident.


Incorporation is done online through our web portal, so you don't have to show up in person to do it.


If you don't have a secretary, you won't be able to register your business under the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong. You can also be punished if you try to run a firm without a secretary. Hence, Company Secretary for Company Registration in Hong Kong is mandatory.

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