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Give your manufacturing unit a Zero Effect Zero Defect Tag with ZED Certification in India. ZED Certification will help you reflect that your business is manufacturing top-notch quality products, adopting global competitiveness, and availing various government- subsidies & incentives. To know more Call Experts at 8881-069-069


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The ZED Certification scheme is more than just a recognition program. ZED Certification is a complete framework designed after a lot of research to elevate your business like yours.

With implementing rigorous assessments, benchmarks, and incentives all aimed at fostering sustainable practices and operational efficiency to get ZED Certification, you can take your business to new heights.

Purpose of ZED Certification

The main goal of ZED Certification is to enhance the manufacturing systems by achieving zero defects in manufacturing processes of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). As a result, you see an increased competitiveness, sustainability, and recognition on both national and international scales. The ZED Certification initiative emphasises the adoption of a quality-driven ecosystem to drive improvements.

What is ZED Certification?

The MSME Sustainable (ZED) Certification initiative is an endeavour of the Indian Government to raise awareness among Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) regarding Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) practices.

Quality Council of India issues ZED Certification to businesses in India. Upon obtaining ZED Certification, businesses become motivated and eligible to get various benefits and incentives from the government.

Following the procedures and afterwards getting ZED Certification also helps businesses to get funding and other support.

Eligibility to get ZED Certification

All businesses having MSME Registration and registered on Udyam registration portal are eligible for participation in the MSME Sustainable Zed Certification Scheme.

Thus, any number of Units registered under one Udyam Registration can apply for Zed certification under this Scheme. However, each Unit (under one Udyam Registration) will need to apply for Certification separately to avail subsidy/benefits/incentives.

Types of ZED Certification

You can achieve the ZED Certification in THREE Levels following and the commitment to the ZED Pledge. The three types of ZED Certification are as follows:

Certification Level Government Fee Parameters on which basis certification awarded
Bronze Rs. 10,000/- 5 Parameters
Silver Rs. 40,000/- 14 Parameters
Gold Rs. 90,000/- 20 Parameters

Incentives & Benefits of ZED Certification for your Business

#1. Financial Assistance to obtain ZED Certification

- MSMEs will be given financial assistance/subsidy for obtaining a ZED Certification Level.

- An MSME unit will get subsidy as per the following structure, on the cost of certification:

i. Micro Enterprises: 80%

ii. Small Enterprises: 60%

iii. Medium Enterprises: 50%

#2. Financial Support for Testing/Systems/Product Certification

- You can get subsidies for Testing, Management Systems, or Product Certification, you can receive up to 75% of the total certification cost, with a maximum subsidy limit of Rs. 50,000.

#3. International Cooperation (IC) Scheme

- Under the International Cooperation (IC) Scheme, participants are eligible for subsidies on Stall Charges, capped at a maximum of Rs. 3.50 lakh or the actual rent paid, whichever is less.

- Furthermore, Economy class airfare is subject to a maximum of Rs. 1.75 lakh or actual fare paid, whichever is lower

- Expenses will be reimbursed based on actuals, up to a maximum of Rs. 50,000 plus Rs. 10,000 per MSME unit. For Latin American Countries, the maximum reimbursement is Rs. 75,000 plus Rs. 10,000 per MSME.

#4. ZED Certification Joining Reward

- A reward of Rs. 10,000/- will be granted upon joining ZED Certification. This joining incentive is extended to each MSME when they commit to the ZED Pledge and must be utilised within a specified timeframe.

- The joining reward can be utilised by an applicant MSME once during the application for ZED Certification (Bronze, Silver, Gold). The validity of this joining reward is limited to one year after taking the ZED Pledge.

#5. Additional Subsidy of 10% for the MSMEs owned by Women/SC/ ST Entrepreneurs OR MSMEs in NER/ Himalayan/LWE/Island territories/Aspirational districts

- An extra subsidy of 10% will be provided to MSMEs owned by Women/SC/ST Entrepreneurs or MSMEs located in NER/Himalayan/LWE/Island territories/Aspirational districts.

#6. Additional Subsidy for MSMEs part of SFURTI

- An extra subsidy of 5% will be provided on the ZED Certification Cost for MSMEs that are also participants in the SFURTI or Micro & Small Enterprises - Cluster Development Programme (MSE-CDP) of the Ministry of MSME.

#7. Credit Guarantee Scheme

- Under the Credit Guarantee Scheme, ZED Certified MSEs will benefit from an enhanced guarantee coverage of 85%.

- Additionally, within the Credit Guarantee Scheme, ZED Certified MSEs will enjoy a 10% additional concession/relaxation in the guarantee fee.

Document Requirement to apply for ZED Certification Online

#1. MSME / Udhyam Certificate

#2. Photograph

- Site/Workshop Exterior

- Site/Workshop Interior

- Staff Toilet (Outside and Inside View)

- Raw Materials Storage Area

- Final Product Storage Area

- Fire Extinguisher (Front / Back showing Expiry Date)

- Employees wearing industry-appropriate personal protective equipment PPE kits (like, Helmets, Gloves, Shoes, etc.)

- Industry Safety Posters affix within workshop

#3. Training Session Attendance records on

- Safety

- Quality

#4. Delivery Record Sheet

Stepwise Process to apply for ZED Certification

  • 1


    Call experts at: 8881-069-069 and consult for manufacturing process

  • 2

    Step 2

    Share basic information and upload necessary documents online with our professionals, including details about your systems and processes.

  • 3

    Step 3

    Our experts then provide you with a ZED ID and Pledge Certificate through a quick and straightforward process.

  • 4

    Step 4

    Undergo a desktop, remote, or onsite assessment conducted by a third party, which is based on the documents uploaded and the

  • 5

    Step 5

    information provided. Don’t worry, our experts will help you prepare for this assessment also.

  • 6

    Step 6

    Upon successful completion of all the steps, download your ZED certification either online or our experts will email it to you.

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frequently asked questions

The MSME Sustainable Certification (ZED) initiative aims to raise awareness among MSMEs about Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) practices. It encourages and incentivizes MSMEs to obtain ZED Certification and become MSME Champions. This certification journey helps MSMEs reduce wastages, increase productivity, promote environmental consciousness, save energy, and optimise natural resource usage. It also motivates them to adopt best practices in work culture, product standardisation, and system optimization, enhancing global competitiveness and sustainability. ZED Certification focuses on comprehensive improvement through assessment, guidance, managerial, and technological interventions, going beyond mere certification.


The ZED Certification aims to promote Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) practices among MSMEs by:

  1. Encouraging and facilitating MSMEs in manufacturing quality products through the use of the latest technology and continuous process upgrades, emphasizing high quality, high productivity, and minimal environmental impact.

  2. Establishing an ecosystem for ZED Manufacturing in MSMEs to enhance competitiveness and facilitate exports.

  3. Advocating the adoption of ZED practices and acknowledging the achievements of successful MSMEs.

  4. Motivating MSMEs to attain higher ZED Certification levels through graded incentives.

  5. Raising public awareness about the demand for Zero Defect and Zero Effect products through MSME Sustainable (ZED) Certification.

  6. Identifying areas for improvement, thereby aiding the government in making informed policy decisions and prioritising investments.

It is not mandatory to have MSME Sustainable ZED Certification. However, having it offers you significant benefits and boosts your business. 


ZED Certification relies on a process-oriented quality-specific standard and does not serve as a substitute for any existing regulations, requirements, or certifications.


You can download documents related to ZED Certification from the official website of it or you can also seek assistance from our experts. 


The nationwide implementation of the ZED Scheme is done through various organisations and agencies, including QCI, NPC, industry chambers such as CII, FICCI, and ASSOCHAM, MSME-Development Institutes, MSME Technology Centers, Industry Associations, BEE, and other relevant implementing agencies.


Site assessments within the ZED Certification Scheme are assigned to Assessment Agencies accredited by the Quality Council of India. Trained Assessors from these accredited agencies, who have successfully completed the ZED Assessors training program, will conduct the assessments.


Gap analysis and handholding activities within the scheme are assigned to Consulting Organizations that have been empanelled by the Quality Council of India. Consultants from these empanelled organisations, who have successfully completed the ZED Consultant training program, will conduct the hand holding sessions.


Yes, the MSME Sustainable (ZED) Certification Scheme includes all manufacturing sectors in MSMEs.


Yes, to benefit from the schemes and incentives, MSMEs can get ZED Certification even if they have an ISO Certification. 


Yes, The benefits of the scheme are available to all Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) registered with the Ministry of MSME, regardless of any certifications they may possess.


Key activities within the ZED Certification Scheme include:

  • Conducting industry awareness programs, regional/state/national workshops, and training for officials from DIs, TCs, DICs.

  • Providing training for Master Trainers, Assessors, and Consultants.

  • Implementing MSME KAWACH initiatives.

  • Conducting assessments, certifications, and surveillance activities.

  • Performing gap analysis and providing handholding support for process improvement.

  • Engaging in international benchmarking efforts.

  • Offering financial support as part of the scheme.

MSMEs are free to get other certifications simultaneously to establish credibility in the market. 


The DC-MSME office is actively engaged in pursuing this initiative, and ongoing discussions aim to establish recognition and preference for units certified under the Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) program among Central Public Sector Undertakings (CPSUs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), large buyers, and similar entities.


The ZED certification system helps improve businesses and significantly reduces costs by providing a clear roadmap. While the scheme is voluntary, implementing ZED is not a burden but a valuable advantage for MSMEs.


Currently, this scheme is tailored for manufacturing MSMEs in India. However, efforts are underway to develop a model specifically for MSMEs in the service sector.

No, it is mandatory to have MSME Registration or Udyam Registration to get ZED Certification and it’s benefits. 


The scheme is applicable to all states and Union Territories (UTs) across India.


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