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What is a Private Limited Company?

A private limited company comes under one of the most highly recommended ways to create a business in India since it secures shareholders with limited liability and precise ownership limits.

Private Limited Company Registration becomes the first choice for any startup since it gives the easiest way to raise funds from investors.

Technically, the private limited company is a company that is privately owned and operated by small and medium enterprises. Business liability is limited to their shareholdings, the number of shareholders is limited to 200, and directors, and shareholders of the company can be the same person or different from each other.

It's a type of company incorporation that give firms a legal personality independent from its owners, directors and shareholders. As a result, crucial services such as the capacity to contract in its name and the protection of the owner's personal assets from company obligations are provided.

How do I Register an Online Private Limited Company Registration

Registering a company is easy through E-StartupIndia professionals.

You need to arrange at least two or more people who are eligible to act as directors and shareholders in the company.

Registering a Company is agile, easy, and can be done online with 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Consult our advisors who will guide you through document requirements for company incorporation.

Step 2: We assist you to choose the right company name based on availability.

Step 3: We prepare and file the ROC forms (DIR, MOA, AOA, COB, etc) and register your company under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Why Choose Private Limited Company Registration?

Online company registration allows many benefits. The legitimacy of your business firm is enhanced by having a registered company. It helps your business in the following ways:

1. Company listing under MCA records

2. Provides protection from personal liability as well as security against other losses & risks

3. Low tax rates as compared to sole proprietorship firm

4. Directors and Shareholders can be separated

5. Attracts more customers

6. Easily obtains bank loans and good investments from trustworthy investors

7. Provides liability insurance to safeguard your company's assets.

8. Greater capital contribution diversity and stability

9. Enhances the ability to become large and expand

Eligibility for Online Company Registration

We must ensure that the qualifying requirements are met, as outlined by the Companies Act of 2013 before proceeding with private limited company registration.

# Minimum Two Directors

A private limited company must have at least two directors, with a maximum of fifteen. A minimum of one of the company's directors must be a resident of India.

If you don't have 2 directors then no worry, you can apply for one person company registration.

# Unique Company Name

Your company's name must be distinct and unique. The suggested company name should not be similar to any existing registered Indian companies or trademarks

Guide how to opt right company name

# Minimum Capital Contribution:

A business does not require any minimum capital. Even you can incorporate a company by Rs.1/- paid up capital. However, a company must be registered with minimum authorized capital of Rs. 1 Lakh.

# Registered Office

The Proposed Company must have an address at any location within the State where you want to do private limited company registration.

The registered office of a company does not have to be a commercial location. Even a rented house might serve as the registered office if the landlord provides a letter of authorization.

Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration

1. There are several reasons to register your business as a private limited company:

2. Banks, venture capitalists, and investors prefer it.

3. Shares are easy to assign and redistribute to other directors/people who have put money into the company.

4. Combines the flexibility of a partnership with the benefits of a public limited company.

5. The company has the least risk of getting dissolved.

Documents required for Private Limited Company Registration

For company registrations, documents requirements are simple and handy. You must have the following documents under MCA:

# Documents of the Company's Director

1. Photo

2. PAN

3. Aadhar

4. Address Proof*

5. Proof of Identity**

# Proof of the Company's Registered Office Address

1. Latest electricity OR any other utility bill in the name of the owner

2. Rent agreement b/w owner & company promoter

3. NOC from Owner (if owner is the company's promoter)

*For Address Proof: Bank Statement, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Mobile Bill. (Anyone, not older than 2 months).

**For Proof of Identity: Driving License, Voter ID card, Passport (Anyone).

Step-by-Step Timeline for Online Company Registration Process

The complete process takes about 7 working days, including the approval of the DIN, company name, and company incorporation. However, creating a company is now a quick process, which allows all paperwork to be loaded into a single online platform. Our experts will help you through every step of the online company registration process.

  • 1

    Day 1

    1. Review of the papers and information submitted

    2. Request for a Digital Signature Certificate

  • 2

    Day 2 - 3

    1. Checking availability for company name

    2. Draft Business Objectives

    3. Preparing draft for documents like MoA, AoA, DIR & others

    4. Share with you for approval.

  • 3

    Day 4 - 5

    1. File SPICe form for Company Name reservation

    2. File for Company registration forms

    3. Apply for Director DIN

    4. Apply for PAN & TAN of company

  • 4

    Day 6 - 10

    1. Wait for application processing at Government [MCA] level

    2. Deliver you Certificate of Incorporation and other documents

    3. Help you in opening Current bank account

After OPC Registration, No need to rush at bank branch offices to open a company current bank account. We will help you to open an account in ICICI Bank while you sit at your place.

With the help of Instabill Mobile App, connect your ICICI Bank current account and do seamless bank accounting, download bank statements and check bank balance in one click.

GST Registration after Company Registration

Individuals, companies, and firms can avail of the benefits of input tax credit & other benefits of GST by undergoing the GST Registration link icon process through the GST Registration application.

You can apply for GST registration while incorporating a company on the MCA portal.

To do so, simply give consent for the GST registration application in e-form AGILE (INC-35) on the MCA portal.

Advantages of Private Limited Company

#1. You get better brand recognition and credibility. As a result, customer trust and loyalty is boosted.

#2. You will be able to get various tax benefits including deductions and exemptions provided to private limited companies.

#3. Private Limited Company is a separate entity so it can enter into contracts, sue and be sued in its own name.

#4. Registering a company allows you to have access to various sources of funding. For example, bank loans, venture capital, and angel investors.

#5. An easy exit strategy for shareholders as shares of a Private Limited Company can be easily transferred.
Shareholders of a Private Limited Company are only liable for the amount of money they have invested in the company. Thus, their personal assets are protected in case of a financial loss.

How can we help in Private Limited Company Registration?

We have a leading team of professionals who are capable of delivering a quick Online Company Registration Service in India without any hassles and error free.

Since 2014, Our professionals are doing frequent online company registration on a daily basis and keep them up to date with MCA's new changes in registration procedure. Hence, able to provide you with the best of the MCA functionality.

We will provide you all required documents at the end of delivery of the Private Limited Company Registration services which includes:

1. Directors DIN and DSC in Pendrive

2. Company's MoA & AoA

3. Challan for Registration fees and stamp duty paid at Govt. Office

4. Certificate of Incorporation

5. Company's PAN and TAN

It's not yet over! After this, We will help you to open a current bank account with ICICI Bank and get you free from bank representatives demanding repetitive documents.

And Set you free to launch your dream business.

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Factors To Consider During The Selection Of The Company Name

The name of your company is of the utmost significance. It makes the first impact on the minds of your buyers, suppliers, and stakeholders. So make sure that you adhere to the Private limited company registration name availability criteria.

TIPS for unique Company Name Approval:-

# The name should be Short yet simple.

The name should be short and to the point. Make sure that "people can pronounce it easily" when choosing a name. The first time someone hears the company's name, it must register in their brains.

# The name should be Meaningful.

The name of your company should be associated with your business itself. It should fit with the company's branding.

# The name should be Unique.

The name of your company should not be the same as an existing company or trademark. You can consult our professionals to check if your company name is identical or similar two others. They will further guide you in registering your unique brand name or business logo under Trademark Registration link icon

# Suffix

The name of your company should end with the suffix Private Ltd in a case of a Private limited company and LLP is a matter of a limited liability partnership.

# The name Should not be illegal/offensive.

The name of your company should not be against the law. This indicates that it cannot be abusive or against the customs and beliefs of any religion. When you are working for company registration, you need to make sure that you know all the details about the Private limited company registration.



Types of Company Registration

  • Regulate by Act
  • Equity Funding
  • Taxation
  • Number of Shareholders
  • Separate Legal Entity
  • Limited Liability
  • Statutory Audit
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Foreign Participation / Investment
  • Recommended for
  • Companies Act 2013
  • Easily Possible
  • 26%
  • Minimum 2 Maximum 200
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Mandatory
  • Moderate
  • Allowed
  • Startups
  • Companies Act 2013
  • Not Possible
  • 26%
  • Only one
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Mandatory
  • Moderate
  • Not Allowed
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Limited Liability Act, 2008
  • Possible, but unlikely
  • 31.2%
  • Minimum 2 Maximum - Unlimited
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • If turnover exceed Rs.40 Lakhs
  • Less
  • Allowed
  • Professionals [CA, Architect, Agencies, Consultant, etc]


Plus taxes

Company Name Approval
Certificate of Incorporation
Current Bank Account*
(2 Indian Directors, 2 Shareholders and Authorised Capital of Rs. 1,00,000)





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Plus taxes

Company Name Approval
Certificate Of Incorporation
Commencement of Business
Current Bank Account*
PF Registration
ESI Registration
GST Registration
GST Invoice software
Documentation Kit





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Plus taxes

Company Name Approval
Certificate Of Incorporation
Commencement of Business
Current Bank Account*
PF Registration
ESI Registration
GST Registration
GST Invoice software
Documentation Kit
Online Payment Gateway
(2 Indian Directors, 2 Shareholders, and Authorised Capital of Rs. 1,00,000)





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frequently asked questions

Minimum 2 people are required to incorporate a private limited company 

From the date of submission of complete required documents, it will take approximately 14 working days to deliver certificate of incorporation in your hand 

Any person who attends the age of 18 can be director of the company 

Minimum 2 and Maximum 200 shareholders can be added in the company

Minimum 2 Maximum 15 directors can manage the show of a company 

DSC stands for Digital Signature Certificate. It is basically a pen drive containing your signature in a digital form and is password protected.It is mandatorily required to sign the various incorporation applications by directors and shareholders digitally. It is only issued by government authorized agencies.   
MOA and AOA are charter documents of the company. It defines the business objectives and rules & regulations of the company. It is drafted by our professionals and delivers to you along with Certificate of incorporation 
Yes E-StartupIndia is an online platform serving all over India no matters wherever you are doing business all you need is internet connection on your mobile or desktop and we are ready to get your job done.
Yes you can, but do check your employment agreement before starting, it must be having a proper authorization of it 

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How do I set up a private limited company?

The idea of starting or running a Private Limited Company looks pretty fascinating and advantageous. It is true that Private Limited Company Registration offers many advantages. Thus, if you wish to start a new business and need to know about Private Limited Companies.
Advantages of private limited company registration
. Legal Entity
. Limited risk to personal assets
. Trustworthiness
. Raising Capital
. Continue Existence
Supporting Documents for private limited company registration application procedure
. Utility bill from the office space
. NOC from the owner of the office premises if it is rented or leased
. Form DIR-2 showing the director's consent
. PAN Card
. Copy of the lease agreement/rental agreement/property certificate
Learn more about click here: private limited company

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