Get CDSCO Registration for healthcare products. Start manufacturing, import or distribution business with CDSCO Regulations.

CDSCO Registration is a must for businesses dealing with medical devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or other healthcare related products. Businesses need to apply for CDSCO Registration in order to market products in India. You can apply for CDSCO Registration Online with the help of our experts. Call Experts 8881-069-069!

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CDSCO Registration signifies authorization from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) in India. The CDSCO registration is mandatory for companies involved in the manufacture, import, or distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cosmetics in India. Thus, CDSCO acts as the national regulatory body, ensuring adherence to stringent safety, efficacy, and quality standards for these products.

What is CDSCO Registration?

To legally market, import or manufacture medical products, cosmetics or pharmaceutical items in India, companies must undergo a registration process that involves submitting comprehensive product documentation. This process is known as CDSCO Registration. The documentation in CDSCO Registration includes details of the product's composition, manufacturing processes, safety data, and quality management systems.

Types of CDSCO Registration

#. Drug Manufacturing Licence

The Drug Manufacturing License under CDSCO Registration is essential for companies involved in the production of pharmaceutical products within India. It confirms that your manufacturing facilities meet the CDSCO's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines. The drug manufacturing licence from CDSCO guarantees that your production processes adhere to stringent quality control measures, ensuring the safety and efficacy of your medications.

#. Import Licence

An Import License, obtained from CDSCO, is required for companies looking to import drugs or medical devices into India. The Import License ensures that imported products meet the mandatory quality standards established by CDSCO for specific products.

#. Registration Certificate

after a comprehensive evaluation of a drug's safety, efficacy, and formulation by CDSCO, a Registration Certificate is issued. A CDSCO Registration Certificate is mandatory for marketing and selling your pharmaceutical products in India.

#. Medical Device Registration

To guarantee that medical devices meet safety and quality benchmarks, CDSCO grants registrations for them. During the CDSCO registration process for Medical Devices, information regarding the device's design, intended use, and manufacturing process must be submitted. CDSCO Registration for Medical Devices allows legal distribution and use within the country.

#. Clinical Trial Approval

Companies conducting clinical trials for new drugs in India require approval from CDSCO. Hence, they need to submit a CDSCO Registration application form for Clinical Trial Approval.

#. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate

The GMP certificate as per CDSCO Registration is given to manufacturing facilities that adhere to the established standards for pharmaceutical production as set forth by CDSCO. A GMP Certificate signifies your commitment to quality control and assurance throughout the manufacturing process.


Pharmaceutical products intended for export require a COPP, which certifies that the product is authorised for sale in the destination country. A COPP following CDSCO Registration standards facilitates the smooth export of your pharmaceutical products by demonstrating regulatory compliance with the target market.

Products and Processes covered under CDSCO Registration

#. Medical devices

#. Diagnostics InVitro Diagnostics [IVD]

#. Cosmetics Perfume /

#. Fragrance Vaccines

#. Blood Product

#. Stem Cells and Cell base Pharmaceuticals

#. Clinical Trials

#. Import/Export Licensing

#. Manufacturing Approvals Regulatory Approvals And Certifications

Benefits of CDSCO Registration

#. Compliance with Standards

CDSCO Registration Certificate signifies that your products and their manufacturing processes meet these established benchmarks. It also demonstrates your commitment to providing high-quality products that meet Indian regulations, fostering consumer confidence and trust.

#. Consumer Trust

CDSCO Registration is the key that unlocks the Indian market for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cosmetics. It grants legal authorization for your products to be sold and distributed within the country.

#. International Trade

For companies looking to export pharmaceuticals or medical devices, CDSCO Registration, particularly the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (COPP), frequently serves as a prerequisite for regulatory approval in the importing nation.

#. Clinical Trial Approval

CDSCO Approval is essential for companies conducting clinical trials for new drugs within India. It ensures the trials adhere to rigorous ethical and scientific standards, safeguarding participant well-being.

#. Competitive Advantage

CDSCO Registration sets your product apart by verifying its compliance with regulatory requirements. This distinction grants you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

#. Legal Compliance

A CDSCO Registration guarantees that your company operates within the legal framework governing India's pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. It minimizes the risk of legal issues and fines associated with non-compliance.

#. Quality Assurance

By adhering to GMP regulations, you ensure the consistent production of high-quality medications, fostering trust with healthcare professionals and consumers alike. CDSCO Registration indicates your commitment to these quality assurance measures.

Who can apply for CDSCO Registration in India?

Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors and Exporters can apply for CDSCO Registration in India.

Stepwise Process to apply for CDSCO Registration

  • 1

    Step 1

    Consult our experts and get all your doubts cleared related to the CDSCO Registration process.

  • 2

    Step 2

    Submit the necessary documents and our experts file your CDSCO Registration application on your behalf.

  • 3

    Step 3

    Receive your CDSCO Registration certificate online in your email without you having to worry about the complexities of the application process.

CDSCO Import Registration for Cosmetics in India

For importing cosmetics into India, you'll need to get CDSCO Registration by following the process as follows:

Register on SUGAM: Begin by creating an account on the SUGAM portal.

#. Submit Your Application: Once registered, you can submit your application for the import registration certificate.

#. Upload Documents and Pay Fees: Include all required documents with your application and pay the associated fees.

#. CDSCO Review: The CDSCO will meticulously evaluate your application.

#. Issuance or Request for Additional Information: If your application is complete, the CDSCO will grant you the CDSCO Import Registration Certificate. If not, they may request further information to finalise the process.

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CDSCO Import Registration for Medical Devices

#1. Register on SUGAM

Create an account on the SUGAM portal, the online platform for CDSCO applications.

#2. Submit Your Application

After registering, navigate to the application section for a CDSCO Medical Device Import License. You'll likely find a specific form designated as

#3. Upload Documents and Pay Fees

Compile and upload all necessary documents as per CDSCO guidelines. These may include details of the medical device, manufacturer information, free sale certificate from the origin country, and labelling.

#4. CDSCO Review

The CDSCO will thoroughly examine your application and uploaded documents.

#5. Issuance or Request for Additional Information

If your application is complete and meets all requirements, the CDSCO will grant you the CDSCO Medical Device Import License. In case of missing information or discrepancies, the CDSCO may request additional details to finalise the process.

Document Requirement for CDSCO Registration

The documents requirement for CDSCO Registration varies as per the type of CDSCO Registration you are applying for. For detailed document requirements for your business, you can consult our experts for free. The general documents that you might need for mostly every type of CDSCO Registration are as follows

#1. Identification proof

#2. Address proof

#3. A copy of the BA/BE Site Registration approved by CDSCO in the case of BA/BE Approved sites

#4. Undertaking by a government authority

#5. Manufacturing license in case of the Manufacture or import of drugs

Why choose E-StartupIndia for CDSCO Registration?

E-StartupIndia is your one-stop for CDSCO registration. Our team of experienced professionals, including CA, CS, Lawyers and other legal experts, has the knowledge to simplify the process for you.

With over a decade of experience, we take the burden off your shoulders, ensuring a smooth and efficient CDSCO registration for your medical devices, drugs, or cosmetics.

Why are we unique?

#1. Streamlined Process:We guide you through every step of CDSCO Registration, minimising delays and ensuring a quick CDSCO registration.

#2. Expert Guidance: Our team's in-depth knowledge guarantees your application meets all CDSCO requirements.

#3. Peace of Mind: Focus on running your business while we handle the complexities of regulatory compliance.

We understand the importance of obtaining your CDSCO registration on time. Our team will handle the entire process efficiently to ensure you receive your certificate promptly.



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frequently asked questions

The CDSCO aims to process applications within 90 days, but by law they have up to 6 months to grant or reject an application.


A cosmetic import registration certificate is valid indefinitely, provided you pay the retention fee every five years.

You can apply for an endorsement to your existing certificate for a fee, as long as the new products are from the same manufacturer.


You will need a valid manufacturing license from the State Licensing Authority and details of the registered brand owner in India.


A New Cosmetic contains a novel ingredient not previously used in cosmetics. You need prior permission from the Central Licensing Authority to import or manufacture a New Cosmetic.

The label must comply with the regulations specified in Chapter VI of the Cosmetics Rules, 2020.

Yes, importers can currently add India-specific requirements like importer information and import certificate numbers to the labels after landing in India.

No, copies of the labels with all required details are sufficient.

If the change happens before your certificate is issued, you can submit a new application without another fee.

Yes, CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organization) Registration is a prerequisite for marketing medical devices in India. It's the governing body overseeing regulatory approvals.

Applications must be submitted in English, the preferred language for regulatory submissions. Regarding costs, they can vary depending on factors such as device classification and testing requirements. Be prepared to budget for application fees and associated expenses.


Indeed, CDSCO offers an expedited pathway for low-risk devices, which can significantly shorten the approval timeline.

Approval timelines can vary based on factors such as device complexity and the completeness of your application. Generally, expect several months to a year for the approval process

Yes, even with registrations from other countries, CDSCO Registration is mandatory for marketing medical devices in India. You'll need to provide documents such as the registration certificate from your country of origin.

Device classification in India follows a risk-based approach similar to that of the US and EU. Factors such as intended use, indications for use, and potential risks are assessed to determine classification.

CDSCO licenses typically remain valid for a specific duration, after which renewal is required to maintain market compliance.

While not always obligatory, local clinical trials may be required in certain instances, particularly for high-risk devices or those with innovative features.

Absolutely. Upon obtaining your registration certificate, you're empowered to engage with distributors in the Indian market. CDSCO Registration signifies compliance with local regulations, facilitating the distribution process.

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