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Opportunities are endless in the United Kingdom. Because of its position as one of the world's leading economies and the size and sophistication of its consumer market. The United Kingdom is a popular site for most companies worldwide. For Indian firms, it's also a popular location, and also for excellent reason. Indians are the first immigrants to the UK and are now the country's most prominent minorities in business development and education.

Thus, you must know that British citizenship is not necessary for company formation in UK As a result, It is possible for Indian citizens to start a business in the United Kingdom, but the specific details will depend on the type of business and sector you pursue.

There are several advantages to registering a company in the United Kingdom from India, whether you are looking to grow your business or have a product or service that appeals to an international audience. Despite the fact that these possibilities may be quite lucrative, they come with their own set of challenges. Don't worry, we're here to help you make your ideas a reality!

Apply and Understand the complete procedure of company registration in United Kingdom with the assistance of our professional team.

Benefits of company registration in United Kingdom

#1. The process of forming a business in the United Kingdom is straightforward. This may be done either offline or online. However, Offline processing generally takes more time. On the other hand, professionals at E-StartupIndia can provide company formation in UK within one day. Moreover, you can utilise the variety of benefits that the UK's Companies Registry (UK Companies House) offers.

#2. Companies are independent entities from their owners. All the company's assets, including its banking account as well as any borrowings or credit arrangements it has entered into are wholly independent from that of the company's shareholders. This implies that if the firm has to close for some reason, your personal assets will remain safe.

#3. When it comes to investing, London is one of the country's most significant cities. A large number of companies and investment firms want to set up a company in the UK because it has a lot of good corporate and tax laws. Thus, the company registration in United Kingdom might well give the business owner more chances to get funds and financing from various businesses and individuals.

#4. There is no question that incorporating your company in the United Kingdom will offer your organisation a more sense of professionalism. This may go a long way toward establishing client confidence and conviction in your goods and services.

#5. There are many huge multinational corporations which will decline to do business with you if you are a sole proprietor in India. However, they will be glad to deal with you if you own and operate a corporation in uk.

#6. Aside from financial resources, the business owner will have access to cutting-edge technologies and advanced machines. Any entrepreneur who wishes to proceed with company formation in UK may avail advantages of all the superior technology available to ensure that they receive the finest service possible and also that the operations are seamless and efficient.

#7. Once a firm has been established in the United Kingdom, its products and services can be expanded throughout the country. Furthermore, If the corporation decides to grow worldwide, it will be able to do so since the United Kingdom has strong relations with both the European Union and the United States. Therefore, your business will have more chances for diversifying if the firm decides to extend its operations in the future.

Eligibility Criteria for Company formation in UK from India

#1. A distinctive name for your organisation is essential, and it should not include any terms that are forbidden.

#2. Directors' numbers vary according to the type of company. However, each director should be at least sixteen years old or above.

#3. Although just one shareholder is necessary, the number of shareholders you may nominate is unrestricted.

#4. The location of the firm must be in the United Kingdom, and it must be listed on the public record.

#5. At least a single natural person or individual other than corporations is required to serve as directors.

#6. Each director, secretary, or any other person with significant control must provide a service address to the company's house.

Detailed Procedure for Company Registration in United Kingdom

#1. Deciding the type of company formation in UK
The initial stage for the applicant is to determine what kind of legal entity best suits their company's needs. An entity might be a UK-based firm or a foreign-based corporation. A business type must be chosen before the application can be submitted.

#2. Selection of a Unique and Available Company Name
The next stage is to evaluate the many regulations governing the company's name. Your Company Name must adhere to the Companies Act, 2006 standards. Additionally, the firm must determine if the name is available and doesn't interfere with anyone else's trademark.

#3. Appointment of Directors, Shareholders and Compliance Officers
The registrant must designate the company's directors and shareholders. The directors or board members are accountable for the company's operations and management. Appointing other important management executives, such as the compliance officer, is equally crucial.

#4. Preparation of Documents and Registration of a office address in UK
The applicant must next create particular official documents, including a Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA). The AOA are the bye laws that govern the organisation's structure whereas MOA is a formal document agreeing to establish the business signed by all initial shareholders or guarantors. Furthermore, the company must have a principal place of business or registered office address in the United Kingdom.

#5. Submission of SIC Code and Other Post Incorporation Compliances
After completing the preceding processes, you will be required to submit a SIC code. This code will identify the nature of the business's operations. After completing this stage, you will need to register with Companies House. Then, To examine taxes paid in the United Kingdom, you must additionally register with the HMRC's corporate tax authorities (Her Majesty Revenues and Customs) and apply for other post incorporation compliances. Important Post Incorporation compliances may include opening of a bank account, UTR Number etc.

Things to keep in mind while applying for company formation in UK

UK Corporate Tax
Corporation tax must be paid by all the businesses who have company registration in the United Kingdom. However, Instead of paying corporate tax, sole proprietorship firms and partnership firms must submit income tax returns and deduct taxable income from their profits. In the United Kingdom, the corporate tax rate is fixed at 19 percent on all company earnings.

UK goods / services are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). It is both a 'consumption tax' and a 'indirect tax' as it is levied by companies on behalf of the UK Government when individuals purchase goods and services. Most transactions in the UK are subject to a VAT rate of 20%, which is the current model of taxation in the UK. Thus, It's important for businesses to know about various VAT rates.

On sanitary items, energy conservation measures, and child car seats, Vat is levied at a lesser rate of 5%, which means that these items may cost less.

There is a zero-percent tax on most groceries, textbooks, newspapers, and children's clothing. However, the businesses need to mention these transactions and report it in their VAT Return.

The EU mandates that no EU state's normal VAT rate can be less than 15%. However, there are also some items that have exemption from VAT. For example, Postage Stamps, Financial and Property Transactions.

Bank Account
You can create a business account online even if you are not a resident of the United Kingdom and your company is registered with the United Kingdom Companies House.

UTR Number
Unique Taxpayer Reference Numbers (UTRs) are used to identify individuals. To keep track of the taxpayers who do their own self-assessment, HMRC issues a unique code to everyone.
After receiving your UTR number, you will have it for the rest of your life and it doesn't require any renewal.
Each business must register for self-assessment, and once registered, you will obtain your UTR number within 10 working days, or 21 working days if you are non-resident.

Document Requirement for company formation in UK from India

#1. Name of the Proposed Company

#2. Details of the Company's Shareholders and Company's Persons with Significant Control.

#3. Valid Passport.

#4. Completed Registered Address of UK Company

#5. Address Proof and ID proof documents of of every PSC, Director or Company Secretary

Document Requirement for company formation in UK from India

Company Registration for Non-UK Residents

No UK residency or citizenship is needed to establish and operate a UK limited company. The entire company registration process in the UK can be completed online, eliminating the need for travel, which is particularly convenient for non-residents.

Prerequisites to obtain Company Registration in UK for Non-UK Residents To register a UK limited company as an overseas resident, you only need to meet a few basic requirements:

#1. One director and one shareholder over 16 years old: The same person can fulfill both roles, taking responsibility for business liabilities.

#2. UK registered office address: Our Company Registration for Non-UK Residents package includes a UK registered office address, satisfying this requirement.

These are the essential prerequisites for registering a UK company as a non-resident.

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Step-by-Step Timeline for Online Company Registration in UK

  • 1

    STEP 1

    Name Reservation

    We begin by assisting you in selecting a unique and suitable name for your company. We'll check its availability. Afterwards, reserve it with Companies House to ensure no one else can use it.

  • 2

    STEP 2

    Documentation Preparation

    Our team will guide you through the preparation of necessary documents, including the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

  • 3

    STEP 3

    Registered Office Setup

    We help you establish a registered office address in the UK, which is required for your company's official correspondence and legal purposes.

  • 4

    STEP 4

    Director Appointment

    We assist you in appointing directors for your company.Thus, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and advising you on the responsibilities associated with this role.

  • 5

    STEP 5

    Online Application for Company Registration in UK

    Using our expertise, we navigate the online Company registration in the UK process with Companies House, submitting all the required information and documents to initiate the company formation process.

  • 6

    STEP 6

    Certificate of Incorporation

    Once your application is approved, we obtain the Certificate of Incorporation from Companies House, officially confirming the formation of your company.

  • 7

    STEP 7

    Post-Registration Compliance

    Lastly, We assist you with guidance on post-registration obligations, such as registering for taxes and complying with annual filing requirements.

Why choose E-StartupIndia for Online Company Registration in United Kingdom?

A foreign business and business entity is a risky endeavour. Furthermore, there are a complexity of legislation and requirements to go through before taking the first move to do company formation alone.

Which brings us to our role. Our goal at E-StartupIndia is to make the entire process of starting a business easier for you, from registering your selected company name to completing your company registration. And with our online company formation in UK Services, you can bid farewell to the gruelling and time-consuming paper-based business incorporation process of the old days. Best of all, our system is completely straightforward and transparent, allowing you to focus on growing your business!

E-StartupIndia is devoted to aiding you throughout the complete incorporation process, from initial inquiry to final approval, by providing advice at each stage and establishing a company that meets your specific objectives.

Since 2014, our professionals have been regularly registering companies online, and we stay on top of any modifications to the registration process that may arise. We are therefore in a position to provide you with the best online company registration services available in India.

Our diversified team of professionals is made up of Chartered Accountants, Advocates, and Company Secretaries. If you have any questions regarding the procedure, we have a team of expert business consultants ready to assist you. Therefore, we'll do everything we can to eliminate any doubts you might have in the first place.





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UK Private Limited Company Registration

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UK Private Limited Company Registration

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frequently asked questions

In addition to the increased number of technological procedures and tax incentives that come with the UK business formation process, there are several other advantages. As a result, these are the several driving forces behind a potential registrant's decision to proceed with the registration procedure.

The director does not need to be a British citizen to have company registration in United Kingdom. 

Yes, the firm must be registered with the company registrar or House of Companies in order to begin the process of forming a corporation in the United Kingdom.

Hundreds of Indian business owners have benefited from our assistance in setting up a business-entity and business account in the UK or expanding their operations there. We're certain that we can do the same for you. In the UK, there are no restrictions on where you may start a business or what nationality you must be.

Yes. You can be a shareholder and a director in the same company. Many UK incorporated corporations begin as single owner-managed businesses, and it is quite appropriate to be the single identified shareholder. However, it may also depend on the type of company registration that you may choose. 

Non-UK companies only pay taxes if they have a physical presence or earn profits in the UK. However, Foreign individuals starting a company in the UK must establish their business there and are obligated to pay UK taxes, irrespective of the business's location


Yes, a UK company is required to have a registered address in the UK. It serves as the official address for the company's legal and official correspondence.


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Type of Company Registration in United Kingdom

Starting a journey with your new startup in the UK is pretty exciting, and it will be full of challenges. You will come across many questions you need to find the answer to. One such question would be, what are the different types of company registration in the United Kingdom? Starting with the wrong type of company registration will result in many complications.
Know more about Type of Company Registration in United Kingdom

Benefits Of Company Registration In Uk From India

The primary regulatory body for UK company formation is the Company's Registry of UK (companies house). This is one of the governing bodies that regulate how a company operates in the United Kingdom. Apart from this, there are certain other authorities that include the Financial Conduct Authority. This governing body regulates the prudential policies and the financial activities in the UK. Additionally, there is The Central Bank which is the Bank of England.
Know more about Benefits Of Company Registration In Uk From India

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