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Whether you want to expand your business in the global marketplace or have a product or service appealing for the international market, there are many benefits of company registration in USA from India. Although such opportunities can be tremendously profitable, they are not without their own set of difficulties. Don't worry, Turn your dreams into reality with us! Establish a global business by incorporating a company in USA from India. No boring paperwork for you, just submit the documents online and get the company legally registered in USA without any headache & USA business visa . The process of registering a new or existing firm as a company in USA is known as Company Registration in USA. A company is a legal body with its own identity distinct from people who own or manage it. The company registration in the USA from India allows business owners to expand their business in USA, earn more profits with independence and freedom, generate income from royalties, capital gains etc.

Type of Company Registration in USA from India?

In the United States of America, the rules and regulations governing the formation and maintenance of a company vary from state to state. However , there are 5 major types of companies that you can register in any state of USA. These are -

S Corporations
[S Corp]

C Corporations
[C Corp]

Non-Profit Corporations

Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs)

Sole Proprietorships

Important Note: Indian corporations or Non-Residents of the USA in India can only register as an LLC or C Corporation in the United States.

Why you should do Company Registration in USA from India?

Indian enterprises are distinctive in investigating the American market because of their quick expansion and globalisation, as well as their large English-speaking community.

Most Indian enterprises with global aspirations believe that the United States is the best choice since it has the low corporation taxes in some USA states and easy business rules and procedures.

Furthermore, there are several reasons to have company registration in USA. from India. These are mentioned below.

Safety of Your Assets

The greatest approach to safeguard your assets and income from business risks is to establish your company in the USA . Once you incorporate your business in the United States, it becomes a separate legal entity that is liable for all obligations incurred by the firm. This implies that your company's creditors can only seek compensation from its commercial assets, not from personal assets or income of the founding members, directors, or shareholders. As a result, you may run your business easily without putting your assets, such as your house, cash savings, property holdings, and so on, in danger.

Strong Branding and Marketing

Having a company registered in the United States might help you develop a global image. Because the United States is one of the most developed nation, registering your company will increase your visibility, and people will want to work with you.

Exciting and Supportive Entrepreneurial Culture

The entrepreneurial and investor culture in the United States is bigger and more powerful in pursuit of what is described as the American Dream. It may be fairly easy for you to obtain funding from the starting stages and give your company concept a push.

Tax Benefits for Non-Residents

Many states in the United States provide tax benefits to entrepreneurs who want to start a business there. Financial benefits are one of these attractions, and the country has been known to cut commercial property taxes for international investors in recent years. One of the major advantages of forming your company in the United States is that corporation taxes are cheaper.

Access to Latest Technology

The United States possesses advanced technologies. It makes it more appealing to enterprises to do business there. Several entrepreneurs are forming businesses in the United States solely to gain accessibility to top-notch technology that will improve their business efficiency and worldwide connectivity.

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Eligibility for Company Registration in USA from India

Company Registration in USA from India can be done only if you fulfill the following below requirements:-

Directors must attain the age of 18 years or above.

All Directors should have valid Passport and address proof.

You must need a registered USA citizen as an agent to get company registration in USA.

A registered agent can be a individual or firm who has a registered address in the province of incorporation.

It must be operational during office hours, and collect plus verify for the company's formal legal and state paperwork. Thus The Registered Agent serves as a bridge between you and the US administration.

LLC vs C Corp vs S Corp

LLC Company Registration in USA from India

Single-member LLC with one owner or
multi-member LLC with multiple owners

Non-Residents of USA or Indian Citizens residing in India are eligible to form LLC Company in USA

Owners decide whether to be taxed as a C-corporation or as a pass-through entity

LLC Companies are easier to form.

If a member leaves the organisation, the LLC will be terminated and vanish.

C Corp Company Registration in USA from India

Shareholders, directors, and officers divide up the ownership

Non- Residents can form C Corp Company from India having Indian Citizenship

C-corporations have to pay a fixed corporate tax rate

C Corp Companies are also easier to form.

There is no limit to the amount of stockholders you can have. It's significantly easier to sell shares to potential investors if you're a C Corp.

S Corp Company Registration in USA from India

Have only allowable shareholders, which may includes individuals, certain trusts, and estates, and cannot include partnerships, corporations, or non-resident alien shareholders

No Indian or other foreigners can form S Corp Company

S-corporations must pay personal taxes

S Corp Company formation requires a lot of legal paperwork.

You can transfer shares in a S Corp considerably more easily than you can in most other types of businesses.

Most popular USA states for Company Registration in USA from India

In the United States, the rules and regulations governing the formation and maintenance of a limited liability company (LLC) or C corporation vary as per the USA state. The most popular and best recommended states for company registration in USA from India are -

  • Delaware
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • Wyoming
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • California
  • DC

Banks in Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming are more accustomed to working with overseas clientele without even a local branch than banks in those other states. This can greatly simplify the process of creating a bank account.

Moreover the company formation state fee and taxes on company profit are lower in Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming as compared to California, New Jersey, Florida and DC.

Furthermore, after founding your firm in these states, if you want to run the business from other states in the US, you can do so through the international qualifying procedure. If you only need to register a US corporation to open a US bank account and will not be creating a US branch or having a physical location in the US,

Delaware, Wyoming, Nevada can be a good choice because these states have cheaper yearly state costs than other states in USA.

Importance of EIN to register a company in USA from India

One of the most important steps to register a company in the USA from India is having an EIN. An EIN is a nine-digit number that uniquely identifies a company for tax purposes. It is similar to a social security number, except that it is for business or corporate use only. To create a business bank account, apply for a business licence, and submit tax returns, you must have an EIN.

Furthermore, EIN is mandatory if you incorporate an LLC in USA. The reason is all the employees pay their individual taxes while working for an LLC. Thus, they also need an EIN to pay the taxes. If you require business permits, you'll need to have an EIN. These offer state and municipal authorities with the information they require about your firm and assist in verifying that you have the essential qualifications to conduct your business in compliance with legislation.

Also, All company owners want to see their ventures grow, and you may need to apply for credit or loan to do so. Thus, All banking activities, from creating a company, verifying credibility and current business accounts to qualifying for a loan, will require an EIN Registration.

Documents Required to Register a Company in USA from India

Following are the documents mandatory for company registration in the United States from India.

# Unique Company Name

# Passport of all directors

# Address Proof and ID proof documents - Aadhar Card

# Signed documents for Incorporation.

# IRS Form SS4 Application for Employer Identification Number [EIN]

Documents Required to Register a Company in USA from India

Step-by-Step Timeline for Online Company Registration in USA from India



Consultation with our experts for deciding business entity-type for your business.

Our dedicated professionals will help you prepare Documents and check availability of the company name.





Our dedicated professionals will help you prepare Documents and check availability of the company name.



Appointment of a registered and authorized agent in USA. Plus, Submission of the documents for Company Registration in USA from India.

Form Company in USA and Provide Certification of Incorporation. Deliver you all the incorporation documents while you sit at the comfort of your home.





Form Company in USA and Provide Certification of Incorporation. Deliver you all the incorporation documents while you sit at the comfort of your home.



Get EIN for tax permits for the state. Apply for necessary licenses and open a bank account.

Things to keep in mind while applying for USA Company Registration

The United States invites entrepreneurs from the majority of nations without regard to whether they are US citizens or foreigners. The laws governing business establishment, taxation, and other risk and compliance are the same for everyone in the United States.

If you wish to make purchases or accept funds from the United States, you must create a bank account in both the United States and your home country. It is generally a good idea to open an account with a bank that has branches in your native country as well.

Even one person can incorporate a Company in USA from India.

If a person's purpose is to seek investment from angel investors and venture capitalists, forming a C-Corporation in the United States is the ideal option.

The name selected by the entrepreneur should be distinctive and must not be similar to any other company in the United States. The owner's designated Registration Agent will begin the quest for the existence of the name and then apply to the authority for obtaining the approval for the name.

How E-Startupindia can help you?

We have a leading team of professionals who are capable of delivering a quick Online Company Registration in USA from India. We deliver you expert services without any hassles and error free that can help you in turning ideas into reality. Since 2014, Our professionals are doing frequent online company registration on a daily basis and we keep ourselves up to date with new changes in registration procedure. Hence, able to provide you with the best services in India.

Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, and Company Secretaries make up our diverse teams of specialists. Over the years, we have been dealing with a wide variety of financial services, including export-import, business compliances, taxation, and accounting issues. Also, Our service is affordable.

So. It's your turn to kick start your business globally with the entire legal formalities. Our team is always here to guide you with the complete process of company registration in USA from India.

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Company Name Approval
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frequently asked questions

Yes, to put it simply. To own an LLC in the United States, you do not need to be a US resident. Anyone, regardless of citizenship status, can file for an LLC because of its corporate structure. It is, however, a more time-consuming procedure than if you were a resident.


No, you do not need to travel to the United States to incorporate a company. It is possible to have your company incorporated in the U.S.A without leaving India.

A business seeking US incorporation is not required to establish its headquarters in Registered State. So, you can have an office in other states as well.

The offices of the limited liability company can be situated anywhere around the globe, provided the limited liability company has a registered and authorized agent in the registered State.

All LLCs and Corporations must have a registered and authorized agent in the state where the company is registered who will collect and process all email messages.

Yes, E-StartupIndia is an online platform serving all over India no matter where you are doing business. All you need is internet connection on your mobile or desktop and we are ready to get your job done.

Separate bank accounts for personal and commercial purposes are usually encouraged, and the state may compel it in particular cases. In most cases, a business bank account is required for the creation of a corporation in the United States, depending on the type of business.

Unless a foreign national receives a work permit granted in the country, he or she cannot be paid or compensated for services rendered in the United States. Some work licences will only enable a foreign national to work for the sponsoring business. These will prevent you from working for a separate, new firm founded by a foreign national. That would necessitate obtaining a second permission.

Your bank, government authorities, some contractual parties, or at the execution of certain contracts or formal documents may all require the Corporate Seal. As a result, having one for your company is preferred.

Given the particular nature of each business, it may be necessary to seek expert guidance from time to time. You can consult our team for free.

You only need one person to form a US LLC or Corporation

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